Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cooking quinoa

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Hello everyone!

A week ago I went for groceries and I stumbled upon quinoa(pronounced keen-wa). I've heard many good things about this grain, such as:

- it is a superfood,
- it is a very good source of protein,
- it is high in fiber, calcium, magnesium and iron,
- it is gluten-free,
- it has all of the required amino acids which help us build muscle mass.

So, I tried it out for lunch. I roasted some paprika, zucchinni and chicken, boiled the quinoa for 15 minutes and voilá, here's a tasty, healthy lunch. It was really good, too! It tastes a lot like rice, only it's smaller. 2013 is the international year of quinoa, by the way, so let's celebrate and get cooking! ;)

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  1. Jaz sem jo že nekaj mesecev nazaj kupila pa je še vedno nisem sprobala. XD

  2. Ok, enkrat pridem k teb na kosilo. Nujnu! :)



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