Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beauty haul

Hello everyone!

Here is a small beauty haul from and my local drugstore. I'm so far very happy with all the products and it was certainly very nice to spoil myself a bit with new skincare and haircare goodies. :)

Hope you're doing well!

N. xx

Nubian Heritage coconut and papaya with vanilla bean extract body wash 
The body wash has a nice tropical scent, but I realized I've just spent a shampoo with papaya scent and I was kind of tired of it, so I'm thinking of saving this one for later, otherwise I'll get sick of the tropical smell and I just don't want that. 

Acure Organics argan oil and stem cell hair shampoo and conditioner 
The Acure products are organic and natural and I was very excited to try them out, plus the packaging is adorable. :) These two products contain argan oil and argan stem cells, so I trust they'll do fine, because I have such great experience with Morrocanoil shampoos.

 photo ed908b4d-c9e6-4234-bc2a-d4ccca15cb2b_zps02cf4c6f.jpg

Schwarzkopf Schauma repair mask for damaged and dry hair
When I got home from my holidays at sea, my hair was literally like straw, I know I haven't cut it in a while and that also might have had something to do with that, but I immediately went to buy myself a hair mask. I chose this one and I am extremely happy with it, it leaves my hair soft and smooth, it's just lovely! It says you notice results after a while but I noticed an improvement the minute I stepped out of the shower and dried my hair.

 photo 107298fe-4a3a-4965-8022-93f4a3f38d7d_zps6b80b901.jpg

Garnier Moisture Match mattifying cream 
This is a lovely day cream for oily skin, it has a mattifying effect and I started using it as a primer under my make up. I really like it, it doesn't leave my skin as greasy as some other day creams did and it smells nice. A good purchase!

 photo d174812d-8c36-4415-bc1a-a0d636e66bb0_zps439f80b1.jpg

Aroma Naturals lavender candle 
I'm a huge sucker for lavender and I haven't even burned this one, it smells lovely on my bedside table. It has a really relaxing smell and it's perfect for evenings when I just step out of the shower, put on my PJs and snuggle up in my bed with a good book.

 photo d4ca503c-18fa-4c09-82dd-3827d26dd18d_zps2152e27a.jpg


  1. Nina, Nina, same fajn stvarce! Še posebej me mika coconut+papaya body wash <3!


  2. Fajn nakup :) Tale šampon od Acure z arganom sem tudi jaz imela in mi je bil všeč, pa tudi Garnier kremca je dobra, ker ima na meni res mat učinek pa še taka lahka je, super za poleti.

  3. Uuu ti imaš pa že novo embalažo šampona in balzama :) Upam, da ti bosta všeč :) Jaz bi tudi ta body wash :) xx

  4. Super nakup :) kje si kupila/naročila šampon in balzam?


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