Saturday, July 20, 2013

July Make-up Wishlist

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1. Lily Lolo mineral foundation in Blondie. I ordered the sample sizes of the fairer shades and I got 3 (Barely Buff, China Doll and Blondie), plus a finishing powder and a baby buki brush. I was swept away by Blondie and I'm totally ordering the full size as soon as possible. I figured out mineral foundation suits my skin much better than liquid, so thumbs up for that! :£12.49 on

2. Ted Baker cosmetic bag. The tiny little make-up bag I bought in H&M a while ago is unfortunately too small for all my 'absolutely neccessary' stuff, so I have to invest in a new, bigger one. This one is adooorable, but I still think I'll opt for a cheaper one. 29,16€ on

3. Bourjois BB bronzing cream. A week ago I was on the point of buying the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, but bought a totally different liquid foundation, and of course, since it was an impulsive-in-a-hurry buy, I'm not so happy with it now. I stumbled upon this BB cream on and since I decided I wouldn't buy liquid foundation anymore, just BB creams, this would be perfect for when I'm in a hurry and just need something to slap on my face for a quick coverage. Plus it has SPF 15 and it smells like chocolate! 13,24€ on

4. Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. I've heard  Tanya Burr rave about this product and I'm excited to try it out as a finishing touch to my BB creams. :) 3,31€ on

5. Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers. As I love a matte finish lipstick, I HAD to order these, I got the shades Apocaliptic, Big Bang and Celestial. 5,30€ on

I hope you're all doing wonderful, I'm enjoying the weekend at home, I did some cleaning up in my room and now I'm gonna go get ready for drinks with some friends! :)

Oh and let me know if you like these kind of posts, I certainly enjoy doing them, but I wanna know if you like reading them or if they bore you! :)

Have fun,

N. xx


  1. Kako lepa torbica<3 Jeeej za LL in take poste :D xx

  2. I love the Ted Baker makeup bag! I've always considered getting one! xx

  3. Men so tvoji kolaži čisti užitek :). Pa Ted Baker torbica zmaga <3.


  4. Jaz sem glih par dni nazaj tistle puder od Rimmel dobila. Komaj čakam, da ga jutri sprobam! :)

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


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