Sunday, October 20, 2013

Travel: Iceland Photo Diary #2

As promised, here are some more pictures from my trip to Iceland. :)

Photos by: Dorothée Giret

 The Seven Sisters near the city of Vík:  photo 93ab673b-ea04-4299-b83a-8fd4fb3d01ed_zpsaa381cf0.jpg

Sightseeing at the beach on our first day:  photo P1040204_zps3a0737fb.jpg

 photo P1040218_zps454dadcc.jpg

A few of us in front of the Skaftafellsjőkull glacier:  photo abc7feef-4e06-4f91-83e7-857de5cf9857_zps0b3a59e3.jpg

At the summer house, waiting for dinner:  photo d7f2d2c3-c401-4acf-acd0-a7a861f8ebce_zpsbdf6b5ec.jpg

With Mei Chee and Man, the girls from Hong Kong:  photo 5e50bc6b-4bb3-4ae8-b104-ddf12603bc73_zps1339059f.jpg

Roadtrip! :)  photo 6951334d-fff1-4ce3-b259-cdddc8bb92a1_zps8169f68e.jpg

 photo 6e1b9c24-a797-4d4e-b8b0-1fa4332564dd_zps3b6dc081.jpg

Antoine with his other painting:  photo P1040755_zps2d931857.jpg

Knitting on a rainy day:  photo 54708b1e-7cfd-4fdf-83ce-a46340f4561c_zps63b0fa2d.jpg

We stumbled upon this river on a beautiful sunny afternoon and just sat there in silence for I don't even know how long:  photo 5b894a60-aef5-4e24-bcc6-be498b0d8e71_zpsb745f597.jpg

 photo P1040328_zps3a873094.jpg

One of the five Icelandic horses they had on the farm:  photo 8e5379f2-99bb-4074-8112-37090a1a57e4_zps95984fc0.jpg

An adorable tiny house near the farm:  photo 83ab51c6-6196-427f-a227-842b9ca28b28_zps1ce65f54.jpg

Franck and Antoine posing as French calendar models:  photo P1040571_zps32699267.jpg

A happy moment while cleaning the shore:  photo db7b12be-7114-470a-9391-edcd15ae40f7_zps652dae60.jpg

A church near the farm:  photo 870d0d7d-dce4-48cb-abd8-2dbdaa0344f3_zps71594ffa.jpg

The Strokkur geysir after eruption:  photo bf867bb1-11c1-47cf-b285-ebe520a415b5_zpsc2c78249.jpg

Cupcakes Dorothée and I made for the international food evening:  photo P1050364_zps33106050.jpg

Me and the cuddliest cat in the world - Đulla:  photo P1050342_zpsb5257fa2.jpg

Dorothée and I, rocking our Icelandic sweaters:  photo c6af7363-f4cc-41d1-92d6-a6d72828356e_zpsb870f58c.jpg

Just us girls:  photo 15445d2c-c5eb-462e-88f5-74376dbda580_zps85641ef0.jpg

Goofing around in front of Harpa in Reykjavík:  photo P1050691_zpse60082d7.jpg

Having dinner in Reykjavík:  photo P1050697_zps0fb2b0a7.jpg


  1. Waaaa kok lepo!! Sploh se ne morem odločit katera fotka mi je najlepša! :)) xx

  2. Tista slika kaj ste z puncami v istim puloverčkih je za editorial.. Pa kakšna narava pa slike in konji. Noro.! Z muco pa sta si podobni.. Obedve imata namreč podobno barvo "las" :P

  3. omajgad tisti Shaun the sheep cupcakesi so najbolj lušni :D!


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