Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wishlist: Black shoes

This is not exactly a wishlist per se, I don't really want all eight pairs of these shoes, I'm just on the lookout for the perfect black pair of heels and this is some of my inspiration. :) Which ones are your favourites?

And how do you like the new layout of the blog? :)

Have a good one,

 photo blackshoes_zpsb7071764.png
Starting from the left upper corner: 

London Rebel, 49€ | ASOS, 54€ | Blink, 35€ | ASOS, 16€ | ASOS, 58€ | Christian Louboutin, 455€ | Zara, 36€ | Zara, 73€ 


  1. Super layout! :) In lepi čevlji :) xx

  2. lep layout & I've always loved your logo, it's so chic! :3 other wise, holy mother of shoes, they're all gorgeous! <3 nemogoče zbrat ene :D although, i wouldn't mind having the louboutins.. :p
    p.s. a tiste s platformo so 16€? if yes-such a bargain! :o

    1. Hvala! :)) Ja, samo 16€ so, ker so tok znižani, neverjetno. :D Takoj bi jih kupila ampak so res visoki in bi mogoče rajši ene malo bolj nosljive... :D

    2. hahah :D ja ta nosljivost je pain in the buttocks, js sm pa tele gledala pa pršla tud do zaključka da so previsoki *sigh*

  3. Super izbira. Sem zdaj prav mogla it malo na Asos pogledat (:


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