Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wishlist: H&M autumn colours

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Can we just have a moment for the most perfect colour for autumn ever? That's right, we're talking burgundy. I have been all over burgundy and plummy shades, from clothes to lipsticks, just gimme it! While checking out new collections and pieces that just hit the stores I fell in love with these from H&M. I love a good black skirt, but when I saw these aztec burgundy coloured skirts, I fell in love with them immediately. They look so chic and you're able to pair them with T-shirts, blouses, sweaters in black, gray, white, I am definitely getting at least one of them. As far as footwear goes, I'm sticking with my Timberland boots for autumn and winter, but I might invest in a pair of black combat boots (if that's the right word?), I also love basic T-shirts for under sweaters or blazers, or a plain burgundy blouse in combination with a white blazer or worn under a gray sweater. Last but not least, I'm setting woolen hats aside this winter for woolen headbands, I already have a soft pink with tiny sequins, which my mom bought for me as soon as she dropped me off at the airport three weeks ago. :) But I also love this gray braided one and they're not that expensive. 

What are your autumn must-haves? :)

Love, N.xx


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