Monday, December 30, 2013

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Dodala sem nekaj novih stvari na moj profil na spletni strani Če slučajno katero zanima, si nekaj stvari lahko ogledate spodaj, več pa na mojem profilu. :)

N. xx

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birthday Presents

I had my 22nd birthday a few weeks ago and I got some really lovely presents from my friends and family, which I wanted to show you today. I still haven't celebrated properly, because I didn't find a time that would suit me and the others, but I'm sure I'll catch up eventually. From my family I got some money, which I invested in a brand new DSLR Canon camera, which I took these photos with. :) I'm super happy with it and God knows this was a long time coming. I got a mini hair straightener from my aunt and her family, which is absolutely perfect for travelling and sorting out my bangs, which get really unruly sometimes, then I got a John Green Paper Towns book, a Krasna lavender soap and lip balm and a DIY necklace with the motif of the Arctic Monkeys' new album (I'm a huge fan) from my friend Haris, Louisa Alcott's Little Women book from Živa and her boyfriend, an Essie nailpolish in the shade Licorice, which came by mail from Gita and her boyfriend (I didn't know how to rock black on my nails in the 8th grade, but I sure as hell know now!), the Elie Saab perfume from a family friend (she didn't even know I had this on my wishlist since forever!) and a plastic case for my phone from my brother. So hopefully I don't wreck the screen again. :)

I'm really grateful for all the gifts and I'm so happy I have such thoughtful friends. :) This year's Birthday didn't get celebrated properly as I mentioned, so I've been 'celebrating' bit by bit, meeting each one of my friends for coffee etc. I'll probably do another post like this because I still have to get together with my best friend Eda, who got me something really cool this year! :) Pampering all the way to 2014, y'all!

I hope you have a lovely holiday!
N. xx

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Surprise Christmas-Themed Care Package from England

A week ago I was sitting on my bed with my morning coffee, expecting to finally receive those Louboutin inspired flats from ASOS and my grandma enters the room with a jolly red parcel in her hands. Long story short, instead of my ASOS purchase I received something even better, a Christmas-themed care package from my favourite French-English girl, Dorothée. She was one of my co-volunteers in Iceland this September and we had so much fun, we clicked instantaneously, I have nothing but wonderful words for her. And the fact that she sent me this without even telling me just confirms how thoughtful she is! I was thinking of sending her something as well, but she totally beat me to it. :)

In other news, the Slovene volunteer organization I applied through, asked me to participate in a round table about volunteering abroad with a presentation of my camp and my experience. If anyone of my Slovene readers wants to come, it will take place at the Ethnological museum in Ljubljana, the 7th January at 6 PM. I just found out yesterday and I still have to prepare everything, but I'm already excited. :)

I've been slacking with my posts lately, but I finally got my phone back, which made it at least a tiny bit easier to take some quick photos and I get my brand new DSLR next week, Monday probably. :) Next week will be pretty awesome, I'm going to the opera on Tuesday to see the Nutcracker, then I have a Christmas dinner with my work friends on Saturday, I still have no idea where I'll be on New Year's Eve, I got invited to three different places, which basically never happened before, so we'll see where I end up. :)

I hope you're all enjoying the Christmas spirit!

N. xx

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Turning 22 & Winner of my Giveaway!

Yesterday night as the clock turned midnight, I received a text from a friend of mine, saying Let me be the first to say congratulations for another year of suffering. It made me smile, because life can certainly be a nasty little bitch sometimes. I admit that the last year wasn't among the best ones yet and my birthday wishes from last year clearly haven't come true. But no matter how much life beats you down, you have to stand up and fight back, instead of just turning the other cheek. That's why you gotta be like LaFayette from True Blood and say Hookah, please! and just move on. Because you're awesome. And you're gorgeous. And you will succeed eventually no matter how many obstacles you hit along the way. And you gotta wake up every morning saying I'm a bad bitch and nobody can mess with me today! Can I get an amen!

And as promised, the winner of my giveaway is:

Samra Softić

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Congratz Samra, an e-mail is already waiting for you. :) Thank you to all of you who entered, if I could, I would give this package to each and everyone of you, but (as I've learned myself through countless giveaways I entered) you win some, you lose some. I promise I'll organize another giveaway soon!

Enjoy the lovely day,
N. xx
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