Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birthday Presents

I had my 22nd birthday a few weeks ago and I got some really lovely presents from my friends and family, which I wanted to show you today. I still haven't celebrated properly, because I didn't find a time that would suit me and the others, but I'm sure I'll catch up eventually. From my family I got some money, which I invested in a brand new DSLR Canon camera, which I took these photos with. :) I'm super happy with it and God knows this was a long time coming. I got a mini hair straightener from my aunt and her family, which is absolutely perfect for travelling and sorting out my bangs, which get really unruly sometimes, then I got a John Green Paper Towns book, a Krasna lavender soap and lip balm and a DIY necklace with the motif of the Arctic Monkeys' new album (I'm a huge fan) from my friend Haris, Louisa Alcott's Little Women book from Živa and her boyfriend, an Essie nailpolish in the shade Licorice, which came by mail from Gita and her boyfriend (I didn't know how to rock black on my nails in the 8th grade, but I sure as hell know now!), the Elie Saab perfume from a family friend (she didn't even know I had this on my wishlist since forever!) and a plastic case for my phone from my brother. So hopefully I don't wreck the screen again. :)

I'm really grateful for all the gifts and I'm so happy I have such thoughtful friends. :) This year's Birthday didn't get celebrated properly as I mentioned, so I've been 'celebrating' bit by bit, meeting each one of my friends for coffee etc. I'll probably do another post like this because I still have to get together with my best friend Eda, who got me something really cool this year! :) Pampering all the way to 2014, y'all!

I hope you have a lovely holiday!
N. xx

 photo 11c8cbc3-2c70-4e67-a4f9-2808615af952_zpsa65e6b57.jpg

 photo 227d8366-c8ea-4f1f-946c-809915ceb95c_zpsbeef5cd0.jpg

 photo 7e0abeee-0e6c-439b-8ede-a81ef6813428_zpsc3629018.jpg

 photo dd5dbfa3-316d-4177-8406-92a2dca71ecf_zpsceb4bb7f.jpg

 photo 7451ac29-3688-47d7-98d9-a98405056563_zpsbc1bcccd.jpg

 photo 90e010ea-4b56-427c-aa40-434fe1a72f95_zps168456c0.jpg


  1. sama dobra darila. :) essieee <3

  2. Koliko rojstnih dni je bilo v tem mesecu! A belated happy birthday to you :)
    Pa čudovita darilca si dobila, jelly!
    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

  3. Vse najboljše z zamudo! :) Lepo so te obdarovali - malo knjig, malo kozmetike, pa smo najbolj srečne, ane! :D

  4. wow, how many presents. i love that perfume from elie saab.

  5. Vse najboljše z zamudo! Super darilca si dobila :D xoxo

  6. super darilca.. ravno kupujem nov objektiv. kaj priporočaš? katerega imaš ti? si zadovoljna?

    1. Imam Canonov 18-55mm objektiv, ki je prišel skupaj z aparatom (Canon EOS 1100d), sem kar zadovoljna z njim, dela res veliko boljše slike kot prejšnji. :) Drugače pa priporočajo tudi Canon EF 50 1.8 II, baje je dober za close up fotografije. :)


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