Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowy Pamper Day

 photo 037c0e1b-fa2d-4193-8fe7-ad951ff8d731_zpsb5d05d73.jpg

What a lovely snowy day! Fortunately, today is one of my days off (as it perfectly should be, I worked 11 hours yesterday, khm khm) and I woke up to a lovely snowy morning. To be honest, I haven't done anything productive yet, apart from going to see my grandma, who just got home from the hospital. Other than that, I've been mentally preparing myself to start studying again. Zero success thus far.

I plan to get my pamper action on after studying, camp on the couch in front of the TV with my favourite lavender scented soy candle, this Krasna lavender lip balm, which has basically been my best friend for the past two days, Essie's Fiji nail polish and a cup of herbal tea. I'm still deciding between watching Free Birds and Jamie Oliver cooking shows. 

Hope you're all well and enjoying the snow! :)
N. xx

 photo 8e0d6684-85fc-40f3-aa4f-23c1c7fc8d52_zps9d37881f.jpg
   photo 6c25b009-3768-4136-afab-8094a8383212_zps39c75de2.jpg
   photo ce2fc6a9-8e25-46ed-9831-10e104042356_zps2a666961.jpg

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wishlist: Monday Blues

 photo fauthzara_zps7573ce8c.png
 Faith Cadbury Ultra Violet Court Shoes 42,14€ |  Zara High Heel Ankle Boot Sandal 49,95€ | Faith Cadbury Black Court Shoes 70,23€ | Zara Cross High Heel Sandal 59,95€

The eternal dilemma. Basic pumps or extravagant sandals? I've been going back and forth for the longest time. I currently own just one pair of simple black ankle booties I bought in H&M a year ago and have served me quite well. But when it comes to pumps, sandals and all that jazz, I have nothing to show for. Yes, I am such a fashionista I own exactly ONE pair of heels. I have no idea why it's so hard for me to invest in heels, maybe I'm too scared that I won't wear them as much, or that I won't be able to style them, I don't know. Basically I've been drooling over certain Zara pairs for the past few seasons and I never end up buying any. Do I invest in a classic pair of Faith pumps or a pair of really hot Zara sandals?

In need of your help,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Giftwrappin' Like a Baws

 photo d5e8bf5c-eb3a-4cc8-a5cf-72a1b8b2484b_zps50c76ad4.jpg

There's no better way to welcome first snow than being stuck in your comfy, warm house all day. Even if you have to study. I finally managed to wrap a present for a friend today. God knows I've been waiting for this stuff to arrive way too long. I also had quite a motivation for studying this morning, which resulted in conquering a whole chapter of negation in the English language (12 more to go!). I also made about three cups of coffee, not counting the green tea I'm drinking right now. Anyway, my mind is all over the place, I'm trying to write a blog post, but my mind is already at dinner and I have all these ideas for beauty blog names (I've written down 8 in the past two hours, can I start 7 more blogs?) and I have this classical study playlist playing in the background, which is supposed to calm me down while studying, but sometimes it only pumps me to the point I can't concentrate on anything anymore. Also I have rediscovered Drake in the past week, I loved him on SNL and I have this song on repeat since 12AM. Okay, back to studying!

*super-hyper waving*
N. xx

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Orange, Clove and Honey Lip Scrub

I had the Lush lip scrubs on my wishlist for ages until I finally realized there's no need for me to buy one when I can make one at home. I found this really interesting DIY online, all you need is an orange, sugar, cloves, honey and an empty container to put the mixture in. All you have to do is mix some orange juice with honey, add lots of sugar, ground cloves (make sure to grind them enough and be generous) and some orange zest.

I tried it out and figured out I didn't put enough cloves inside and also maybe not enought sugar. Rookie DIY-er, what can I say. All in all, this scrub has an amazing scent that instantly takes you back to Christmas. I'm eager to try out the coffee scrub I just need to get my hands on a good DIY for it. 

 photo d2d4c4a9-844e-47c6-8d8d-ebd781339200_zps9460a58b.jpg
   photo a9382b86-85a5-4ade-9c5a-ef7c3165bfc9_zps1770e4d9.jpg
   photo a6cd6713-e64f-4c93-a673-bf9c949b86fa_zps875ebff3.jpg
   photo 0b09ff2d-80ad-4ca2-a21a-a4b5e27c43e2_zps833f3f5f.jpg

Do you use lip scrubs? :)



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January Favourites

Yes, I know it's only the 21st, but I know that if I delay this until the end of the month, I'll end up posting it in the middle of February or not even at all. Here's what I've been loving this month.

If there's something I can't go without during the winter, it's a body lotion. My skin gets very dry in the colder months and it can get frustrating. This month I've been loving my new Winter Care body lotion from Dove. It has a nice scent, and it sinks in quickly, which I love when it comes to body lotions. There's nothing worse than a moist, greasy body lotion that on top of everything develops a weird smell on your skin. I am very very happy with this one, it has already become part of my evening routine.

I am slowly running out of my foundation, so I mix it up from time to time with the Diorskin Nude BB Creme, which I was using during the summer. I don't like wearing heavy coverage foundation during the warmer months, because I feel as if it will melt off of my face, so I usually stick to BB creams. This one is a bit pricy (I think it was around 30€), but I can say it was worth every penny, because it is really great. It has more coverage than you would think for a BB cream, which is why it's perfect if you want a buildable coverage. It is a bit dark for me now, as you can see on the pictures, so I either blend it out really well or I mix it with a moisturizer. 

Oh hand creams. I don't know, as soon as it gets cold outside, I get like a dry plum, which is not a pretty sight. So I moisturize like a lunatic! Body, hands, face, the whole shabang! I have three hand creams currently, one on the night stand, one in my Zara city bag, and one in my ASOS smaller bag. I really love these tiny ones, you can cram them basically anywhere! 

When it comes to my face, the breakouts have been quite under control lately, no surprises. Unfortunately, yesterday was apparently a too hectic day and I had to bring out the big guns in the evening. Whenever I suspect my skin going rogue on me, I use this overnight clearing gel from Dermalogica. It is one of those anti-bacterial, anti-blemish thingies that give you a light stinging sensation when you put it on. For some weird reason, I always loved that, it made me feel like it was burning all those suckers off.

And lastly, I have found a perfect companion for my make-up brushes. I got this Krasna bar of handmade natural soap for my birthday and at first I didn't know what to do with it, because I never really use hard soap anymore, but I figured it would be perfect for cleaning my brushes! I tried it out a few days ago, it turned out amazing! Plus it has a nice lavender scent. If you need a tutorial how to clean your make-up brushes with a bar of soap, check out Lauren Curtis' helpful video here.

Check out my random favourites at the end of this post.

 photo 619a3e09-5d87-4247-aade-f2f30aea004d_zps726016c4.jpg

   photo c4dad621-10e6-40cb-bda0-1a550bd095e3_zpsda87cc80.jpg

 photo dior_zps47c611c3.jpg

   photo d40bf54e-0a7f-4cb5-84dd-6b6eba197485_zpsa06e9ce3.jpg

   photo PicMonkeyCollage2_zpsc93b4cc2.jpg

I've been rading her blog for ages and I love it as much as the first day.
Eternal fan, in love with their new album.
TV Show: The Bridge, Ray Donovan, The Borgias
I couldn't possibly decide on one, I discovered these in the past month and I love them! Plus there's True Detective on HBO, don't even get me started on that one...
Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street
YouTube Channel: Ugly Face of Beauty 
Oh dear lord, I love this girl so muuuuch!

What are your favourites this month? :)


Monday, January 13, 2014

My Evening Skincare Routine

 photo IMG_0641_zps0ae0ad4e.jpg

My evening routine is one of my favourite parts of the day. I usually change into PJ's, do my little routine in the bathroom, make myself a cup of tea, and put on a nice TV show. What my evening skincare routine looks like: I first remove my make up with the Biotherm micellar water and a cotton pad, then clean my face with a Greenline cleansing foam, then I take another cotton pad and swipe my face with the La Roche Posay soothing toner, to make sure all of the make up is gone. Then I apply the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo anti-imperfections gel, which has worked really good ever since I got it in the summer last year. To finish off, I apply the Origins GinZing eye cream, which I usually use in the mornings, but I started using it in the evening as well. 

The Biotherm micellar water has a really lovely scent, not too in your face, just really lovely. I used the L'Oreal micellar water before and it was good, just nothing special and I wasn't too excited about the scent of it, it was a bit weird for me. The Greenline cleansing foam I really love, I used one from Alverde before, which was pefect for the summer as it mattyfied my oily skin and left it really soft and clean, plus it had a nice scent. This one also has chamomile extracts, smells really nice, and leaves my skin super soft. I think I'll stick to cleansing foams from now on, they really work wonders for me. I started using a toner last summer, when I got worried my make up removing routine is not enough, as I could often see some leftover make up after washing my face with a towel. The Effaclar Duo obviously doesn't need any additional words as so many bloggers rave about it and with a good reason. I am preparing a review on the Origins GinZing eye cream, which will probably be uploaded on the blog at the end of the week, so stay tuned for that.
 photo IMG_0642_zpsdfce36c1.jpg

Last, but not least, I sometimes pamper myself with a face mask. My mom is a huge REN fan, so if you look in our bathroom cupboard, it will basically look like a REN counter at the drugstore. These are the two masks I've discovered. I tried out the Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring mask twice already and I love the herbal scent it has, I don't know, I've just become a huge lover of herbal scents. It is supposed to battle brake outs, remove excess sebum and generally deal with the bacteria fugliness going on on your face. My mom has blemish prone skin, which is why she invests in these kind of products a lot. I don't particularly have that problem anymore, and I only use this mask when I get a break out. So far I was always happy with the outcome, it calmed down my irritated skin and the blemishes cleared up quite quickly. 

I used the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask yesterday for the very first time. I have to say I don't like the scent so much, but boy, do I love my skin after I clean it off! It genuinely gives the skin a pretty, radiant glow. It made my skin look healthier, brighter, I just kept looking at myself in the mirror from all different angles, like: is this for real? I used this only once and I'm pretty sure my mom will sooner or later have to pull it out of my hand. The only 'negative' remarks I have is the scent, which for some reason I don't particularly love, but I can live with it, and the price which is not cheap.

Do you have anything special in your evening skincare routine? :)


Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Lip Product Collection

 photo IMG_0609_zps62cd9756.jpg

This was the first weekend after a while that I didn't have to work. I was looking forward to some days off, but to be honest, I had no idea what to do with myself today. Of course I do have to study, but let's not get into that. I had some really good lightning in my room, which happens rarely, so I decided to share my lip product collection. It's not very large, because I don't want to hoard red lipsticks like a maniac, so I don't often buy them. I included my lipsticks, three lip laquers, one lip gloss, one lip pen and a lip liner. I realized when I already took the photos that I forgot to include a Catrice red lipstick (shade: Like my High Heels) that I recently got in a magazine for free. I didn't have high hopes for it, but I used it the other day when I had plans for coffee after work and it was really good! I think I'll keep in my handbag as an emergency red lipstick. ;)
   photo IMG_0613_zps2b63fcb3.jpg From left to right: Barry M lipstick in Cerise Pink, Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in Jet Set and Deborah Milano lipstick in 5.

The most used out of the bunch would obviously be the Barry M one. I looked for the perfect fuchsia shade for a long time and then I finally found this. I have worn it A LOT. The Bourjois red lipstick was a birthday gift from my girl Živa and it was the perfect red I wanted! :) The Deborah Milano one was a mistake, because it has glitter in it and if there's one thing I hate, it's glittery lipsticks.
   photo 1aa7c009-7946-4130-a352-7a1db34971d7_zps5188685d.jpg The Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers in Big Bang, Apocalliptic and Celestial.

I cannot praise this enough, I've already mentioned them in a favourites post and basically, they're gorgeous. They last a long time and become matte on the lips even if they apply as a gloss. They have a lovely doe foot applicator which works wonderfully, I always have to use lip liner with lipsticks, but not with these ones. I can apply them when I'm on the go without getting a serious case of the clown lips. I've worn Appocaliptic most, simply because I like the shade best, but I also love Big Bang for special occasions and Cellestial for everyday use.
   photo IMG_0614_zps195c637d.jpg
Lily Lolo lip gloss in Whisper and Catrice Colour Infusion Longlasting lip stain (don't have the shade).

The Lily Lolo lip gloss is perfect for blonde girls with fair skin like me, it adds just a touch of glimmer to your lips, so it's perfect for day or night. It also has a very specific scent, kinda like chocolate, but I can't describe it. I used the Catrice lip stain only a few times, I used to love lip products that looked like pens, but they dry out my lips way too much. I mean, I'm a matte girl through and through, but enough is enough.
   photo IMG_0618_zpsb4c52c92.jpg
MAC lip liner in Nightmoth.

And lastly, my newest member of the family, the MAC lip liner in Nightmoth. My friend Gita got this for me when she was in Venice, because I was crazy about a Nightmoth&Rebel look I saw on YouTube, but I realized when I got it that I can't wear just a lip liner on my lips, because it looks way too unflattering. Other girls fill in their whole lips with it, but it never works good on me, so I need to invest in a lipstick in similar colour. It is a really dark, rich burgundy colour and I love it, but when I wear it I kinda look like a badass chola or something. I'll need to work on my courage a bit before wearing this outside. :D

What is your favourite lip product in your collection?

Review: l'Angelica Anti-Dandruff Hair Shampoo + New Haircut!

 photo f21293cd-b189-4c1e-a2e4-45214aa3d9b0_zps634e8000.jpg
l'Angelica Anti-Dandruff Hair Shampoo*
For the last two months I've been having trouble with dandruff. Yeah, apparently the snow that was supposed to be falling outside, relocated to my head, yay for me. So I've been using this shampoo. First thing I noticed, it lathers a lot, which I really love with hair shampoos. It really annoys me when I waste all that product on my hair, just because a shampoo won't lather at all. This shampoo contains extracts of nettle and hawthorne, and has a lovely herbal smell. I completely abandoned any love I had for sweet and fruity smells, I'm all up on that herb shit, if you know what I mean. Oh, and I don't mean drugs, just herbal smells. As far as taking care of dandruff goes I have to say I didn't see a big improvement at the beginning, but I see a major improvement now. The last few times I washed my hair I didn't notice any dandruff at all. All in all, I was very happy with this product!

Zadnja dva meseca sem imela težave s prhljajem. Ja, očitno je sneg namesto, da bi padal zunaj, začel padati po moji glavi, juhu. Tako sem začela uporabljati ta šampon. Prva stvar, ki sem jo opazila je, da se zelo peni, kar mi je pri šamponih za lase izjemno všeč. Najbolj mi gre na živce, ko porabim preveč šampona samo zato ker se ne peni kaj dosti. Ta šampon vsebuje izvlečke koprive in gloga, kar mi je bilo zelo všeč, saj sem popolnoma opustila moje navdušenje nad sladkimi in sadnimi vonji in sem trenutno čisto nora na zeliščne stvari. Kar se tiče odstranjevanja prhljaja na začetku nisem opazila velike izboljšave, zdaj, po dveh, treh tednih pa je veliko boljše. Zadnjih nekajkrat, ko sem si oprala lase, prhljaja sploh nisem opazila. S tem izdelkom sem res zelo zadovoljna. :)

Kupite ga lahko na spletni strani

And as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I got a haircut! It was quite a change to say the least, my hairdresser chopped half of my hair off and the result was a longish ombre bob. I am so happy with it, I liked my long blonde hair, but it was so bad I really needed to do something. The reactions were mixed, some people apparently don't think it suits me, but I really don't care anymore. I am very happy with how it turned out and the fact that they can be healthy again. I've seen a lot of bloggers and YouTubers chop their hair off (it kinda sounds like I'm talking about chopping hands, lol) and those ladies look FOINE. Even when I look at my old photos, I think, damn girl all that unnecessary hair and look how fresh it is now. Plus don't get me started on how easy and effortless washing and styling is now. If you're thinking of getting your hair cut, and you're still having doubts, I leave you with this haircut-appreciation post by Lily Melrose, she really says it all. 

P.S.: Oh, and apparently I also suck at taking selfies, it's difficult enough to take photos of this haircut, I could never actually capture how chic it looked, and I always ended up looking like I'm posing for a mugshot or I'm stoned out of my mind. 

*Item kindly gifted to me for review purposes.

Happy weekend, babes!
N. xx

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Choosing a New Foundation

 photo foundation_zpsca65c6cf.png
I'm runing out of my current liquid foundation and I'm on the lookout for a new one. I tried the Lily Lolo mineral foundation but I don't know, I can never get used to mineral powder, it always seems it takes a bajillion longer for me to put on a mineral foundation and I'm always like 'Ain't nobody got time for that, gurl!'. So I always end up going back to liquid foundations. I decided I'll wait until the middle of February when I go to London to buy a new one, because there's so much more to choose from. The only thing I can't decide is if I'll buy something from the drugstore or if I'll invest in something more expensive, but genuinely really good. You know what I'm talking about, the holy grails of YouTube beauty gurus, the Nars Sheer Glow, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, YSL Youth Liberator... All the products that are supposed to make asome sort of stunning wonder out of your face. After browsing online shops, beauty blogs and YouTube channels I made a list of finalists. I still haven't gotten round to choosing the shades, it's way too hard for me to do that only by looking at photos on the internet, it should be easier when I finally decide on one product and check out the shades in real life. I just checked out the NARS Sheer Glow shades and I think one of the lightest ones would be best for me.

1. L'Óreal Lumi Magique liquid foundation
2. NARS Sheer Matte liquid foundation
3. Maybelline New York Super Stay 24 Hour liquid foundation
4. NARS Sheer Matte liquid foundation in Fiji, Deuville or Mont Blanc
5. YSL Youth Liberator liquid foundation
6. Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua liquid foundation
7. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk liquid foundation
8. Bourjois Happy Light liquid foundation
9. NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer
10. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid foundation

If you have any recommendation I'd be super happy to hear them! :)


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bits and Bobs

What a gloomy day! I had to work, so at least did something useful today, otherwise I'd just lay around in my bed and watch TV shows. Or maybe read, because I have to return a book on Tuesday back to the library. I always take way too much time with reading and then always pay late fees. I wonder if I'll manage to read 500 pages in two days? It never works out when I read something for Uni, maybe it could when I read for pleasure. :)

I'm getting a new haircut tomorrow! I'm so excited, I got sick of my long hair, it's time for something new. I'm thinking of something along the lines of a longer bob in ombre, I just don't know yet if I want a brown-blonde ombre or a blonde-blonder ombre. 

Wishing you all a good start of the week,

Candles for a cosy night in. <3 photo IMG_0497_zps30d49c6e.jpg 
Essie in Fiji - I'm a huge latecomer jumping on the Fiji bandwagon, but here I am!
 photo IMG_0499_zps2412e68a.jpg 
These two are a staple in my skincare routine, how did I live without toner before?  photo IMG_0394_zpsca39b154.jpg

Nothing better than a good historical thriller novel.
 photo IMG_0084_zps85c0221d.jpg

My bed at the spa we went to for Christmas - cosy, cosy, cosy. <3
 photo IMG_0085_zps9907798a.jpg

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yesterday's Drugstore Dash

Yesterday I met a friend of mine for coffee and since I was in town, I decided to do a quick drugstore dash. Essie Button fans will know what I mean. :) This was literally a dash, because I already knew what I wanted to buy, had a quick look around for anything else, nothing sparked my interest, bought it and left. I needed a new toothbrush, a new concealer, a new liquid foundation, a new mascara and a new setting powder. I ended up buying just three of those things. The Catrice Light Reflecting concealer seemed really cool and the packaging is so sleek and elegant, I had to buy it. I was recommended to try the Essence I <3 Extreme mascara, it's supossed to be really great for a small price. I already love the brush and I'm eager to try it out. Last of all, I got myself a new toothbrush - I only noticed when I got home that it has glitter, teehee. :)

As far as other things on my wishlist go, I'm running out of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder and I'd love to repurchase it, since it is sooo great, but I'd also like to try something new. Also, I'm almost through with my Catrice 18h liquid foundation. I'm having a bit of a dilemma, because I don't know if I should just buy another drugstore foundation or invest in something more expensive? I'm thinking about the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation or the YSL Youth Eliberator Serum foundation. Any thoughts, recommendations?

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,
N. xx

 photo 851b32fb-1f09-42bd-9b0d-114d1168e453_zps40a70f2f.jpg

Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: Ingrid Cosmetics Prelude Primer Base

One thing I never had in my make-up collection was a primer. I don't know why, I was always using a regular moisturizer or something similar, but I wanter to try out something 'proper' and boy did I find it in this. The texture of this primer is so velvety, you can hardly see it when it dissolves on your skin. It leaves a very thin layer on your face, I can't even describe how smooth it is. It is mattifying, so it is perfect for oily skin. I don't particularly have oily skin during the winter, but it works wonders for me. I also noticed that my foundation lasts a significant amount of time more than before. I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a really good primer for a reasonable price.

V svoji zbirki ličil nisem nikoli imela primerja. Ne vem ravno zakaj, ponavadi sem pred nanosom tekoče podlage vedno uporabila navadno vlažilno kremo, tokrat pa sem želela preizkusiti nekaj bolj konkretnega. Dobila sem priložnost stestirati primer znamke ličil Ingrid Cosmetics, meni dosedaj neznane znamke. Tekstura tega izdelka je tako žametna, da ga komaj čutim na koži, kot da bi se z nanosom simultano popolnoma zlil s kožo. Na obrazu pusti zelo tenak sloj in gladek občutek. Kožo matira, zato je popoln za mastno kožo. Med zimo s tem ponavadi nimam problemov, ampak vseeno učinkuje super. Opazila sem tudi, da moja tekoča podlaga zdrži veliko dlje kot prej. Priporočam vsem, ki iščejo dober primer za dobro ceno.

Kupite ga lahko na spletni strani

 photo 4135520c-cd1f-4e4b-a01d-7a3e0efe9b92_zps5a68e21d.jpg

 photo 10ba9875-953e-4378-8b3f-f591e9828b3a_zps06ac1e95.jpg

Thursday, January 2, 2014

End of the Year Goodies

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great time, I sure did. :) It was the best feeling when the clock hit midnight and we all cheered to the new year, I swear I felt a hundred pounds lighter in an instant, just because there was a new year, a new chance for me to start from scratch. And I mean to. I have some new year's resolutions I made, some of them the same as last year's January, some of them new and I have a really good feeling about 2014, I just know it has something amazing in store. :) 

Yesterday (and the day before) I was surprised with two gifts from my friends Urša and Eda. Urša got me an Alverde hand cream with calendula (one of my favourites) with a lovely candle and a caramel chocolate (yum yum) as a New Year's gift, although I'm sure the amazing party she threw was even better. :) And Eda gave me my birthday gift, which was the Origins eye cream I've been eyeing for way too long. :) Tried it out today, it literally brightens up my face! 

In general, it was a good start of the year, I came home yesterday afternoon, congratulated my grandparents, replaced my bed linen with freshly washed sheets and today I went to work, so far no stress, no negative thoughts. :) 

Hope you're enjoying the new year, Love, N. xx 

 photo 5a633e60-35cd-4a7e-b4f2-cd73a39f4bc1_zpsa52306d1.jpg
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