Friday, January 24, 2014

Giftwrappin' Like a Baws

 photo d5e8bf5c-eb3a-4cc8-a5cf-72a1b8b2484b_zps50c76ad4.jpg

There's no better way to welcome first snow than being stuck in your comfy, warm house all day. Even if you have to study. I finally managed to wrap a present for a friend today. God knows I've been waiting for this stuff to arrive way too long. I also had quite a motivation for studying this morning, which resulted in conquering a whole chapter of negation in the English language (12 more to go!). I also made about three cups of coffee, not counting the green tea I'm drinking right now. Anyway, my mind is all over the place, I'm trying to write a blog post, but my mind is already at dinner and I have all these ideas for beauty blog names (I've written down 8 in the past two hours, can I start 7 more blogs?) and I have this classical study playlist playing in the background, which is supposed to calm me down while studying, but sometimes it only pumps me to the point I can't concentrate on anything anymore. Also I have rediscovered Drake in the past week, I loved him on SNL and I have this song on repeat since 12AM. Okay, back to studying!

*super-hyper waving*
N. xx


  1. študiraš ang? je težko?
    pa srečno pri učenju ... :)

    1. Angleščino in španščino. :) Pa ni tok, zdej na koncu tretjega letnika se mi zdi da je ta težko že za mano. :D Vse se da. :) Hvala! ;)


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