Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowy Pamper Day

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What a lovely snowy day! Fortunately, today is one of my days off (as it perfectly should be, I worked 11 hours yesterday, khm khm) and I woke up to a lovely snowy morning. To be honest, I haven't done anything productive yet, apart from going to see my grandma, who just got home from the hospital. Other than that, I've been mentally preparing myself to start studying again. Zero success thus far.

I plan to get my pamper action on after studying, camp on the couch in front of the TV with my favourite lavender scented soy candle, this Krasna lavender lip balm, which has basically been my best friend for the past two days, Essie's Fiji nail polish and a cup of herbal tea. I'm still deciding between watching Free Birds and Jamie Oliver cooking shows. 

Hope you're all well and enjoying the snow! :)
N. xx

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  1. Ta čaj je super :)) Essie Fiji je eden mojih naj lakcev :)

  2. Kje lahko dobiš balzam Krasna?
    good post! ;)

    1. Prodajajo jih v DM in Tuš drogerijah, mislim pa da pošiljajo tudi iz svoje spletne strani. :)
      Hvala! ;)

  3. O ta balzam krasna je eden mojih najljubših. Noro diši!


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