Monday, January 27, 2014

Wishlist: Monday Blues

 photo fauthzara_zps7573ce8c.png
 Faith Cadbury Ultra Violet Court Shoes 42,14€ |  Zara High Heel Ankle Boot Sandal 49,95€ | Faith Cadbury Black Court Shoes 70,23€ | Zara Cross High Heel Sandal 59,95€

The eternal dilemma. Basic pumps or extravagant sandals? I've been going back and forth for the longest time. I currently own just one pair of simple black ankle booties I bought in H&M a year ago and have served me quite well. But when it comes to pumps, sandals and all that jazz, I have nothing to show for. Yes, I am such a fashionista I own exactly ONE pair of heels. I have no idea why it's so hard for me to invest in heels, maybe I'm too scared that I won't wear them as much, or that I won't be able to style them, I don't know. Basically I've been drooling over certain Zara pairs for the past few seasons and I never end up buying any. Do I invest in a classic pair of Faith pumps or a pair of really hot Zara sandals?

In need of your help,


  1. Great post! I think I would invest in a classic black pair of pumps and buy now and then coloured or peep toe pumps :)

  2. Hočem vse & I second the above comment! :) x

  3. Black pumps! Ker so evergreen in za vse letne čase :)

  4. Joj, prov vse bi mele, sploh spodnje desne :D

  5. follow to follow?

    1. At least spell it right, honey. :)

      P.S.: Nah, thanks.


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