Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Favourites

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I've been stuck in a little blogger rut for the past week, not knowing what to post. Then I remembered it's almost end of the month and I can say goodbye to it with a favourites post. This month I acquired a few new products, some of which I already showed you in my London haul post. Just before I left I bought a few travel minis, one of them being this Alverde body milk with cocoa butter and hibiscus. I usually steer clear of cocoa butter ever since I had a lotion which completely ruined the smell of cocoa butter for me, but I found this combination really nice. It almost smells like chocolate and flowers at the same time. So far I really liked it, the only thing that annoys me is that it takes a while to sink in my skin. Time is money, yo! 

Next is the Origins GinZing eye cream I got as a birthday present (shoutout to my girl Eda :)) and been loving ever since. I'm doing a review on it soon as it is a simply wonderful product that I couldn't recommend more. I love how fresh it is on my eyes after a sleepless night and the light reflecting particles it contains, that literally brighten up your whole face. In combination with a light reflecting under-eye concealer, this is just the bomb.

I wore this Rimmel Kate Moss long lasting lipstick (shade: 107) just once and I am already smitten. I basically bought it impulsively, Boots had a 3 for 2 promotion and I grabbed it in a hurry. It is basically the perfect just-a-tad-darker-red shade with a hint of cherry. The scent is somewhat powdery, kinda like the lipsticks you stole from your momma's cupboard as a child. I'm a through and through matte kinda gal and this has a lovely matte finish without feeling drying on the lips.

I borrowed this Vichy Aera Teint Pure liquid foundation from my mom, since she has a buch of foundations she doesn't use. I am really happy with it because it gives my skin a smooth finish, it has very nice coverage and doesn't cling to my dry patches, which is happening non stop with the Max Factor Whipped Cream foundation I bought in London. I always have to correct it with this Vichy foundation as it is also (somehow) a shade too light for me. I swatched it on the back of my hand at Boots and it seemed perfect, but apparently my hands are lighter than my face. Lesson learned.

I already showed you these Real Techniques brushes in a previous post. These three are my absolute favourites and not a day goes by when I don't use them. The essential crease brush is perfect for blending eye shadow, which I'm using more and more nowadays and it is so lightweight, it feels like air in my palm. Next is the setting brush, which I use to set my under-eye concealer and to highlight, absolutely perfect, it has been on my wishlist since forever and I couldn't be happier. It is the perfect size to set my under-eye concealer and to highlight my cheekbones, every other brush just seemed too big and clumsy. Last is the multi-task brush, which I currently use for my setting powder (all over my face) and it will probably come in handy in the summer for bronzers. I also tried applying blush with it and it did a marvelous job, all in all, a multi-task brush indeed.

For the occasional break-out I used this Vichy Normaderm Hialuspot treatment, which works perfectly on any spot I might get from time to time. I apply it directly on the spot, after my evening skincare routine, leave it to dry and go to bed. If it doesn't clear the next day, it definitely clears in the next two days. 

My random favourites of this month:

Blog: From Roses
I love her photos, her reviews, her entire blog, this is the epitomy of a gorgeous beauty blog right here.
Song: Beyoncé - Drunk in Love
TV Show: Modern Family
I have been literally binge watching this TV show all February. I don't even know why I stopped a few years ago and I am so happy I returned to it. My favourite characters have to be Gloria and Cam, but I love Phil as well, he's the coolest. :)
Movie: The Monuments Men
I saw this movie while I was in London and I really liked the cast, but over all, it was a bit underwhelming. I only included it because I haven't watched many movies this month and from the three movies I've seen it was the best, I guess.
YouTube Channel: Claire Marshall
I really love this girl, she is so beautiful, has an amazing fashion sense, she seems super down to earth and nice and I love her video editing. Be sure to check her out if you don't know her. :)

These are my February favourites, I hope you liked them. I got a bit inspired and a have some nice posts prepared, so to say, climbing out of my blogger rut. :)

Have a nice Thursday!
N. xx


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Lavera Ginkgo & Jojoba Clarifying Peeling

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Lavera Ginkgo & Jojoba Clarifying Peeling*

I had the chance to try out another Lavera product, this time a clarifying peeling. I like using a peeling on my skin every once and a while, especially when my skin gets dry and flaky. This one has little green exfoliating particles, which aren't as small as the ones in one of Murad's peelings I tried last, but they're still not as harsh as one might think. I usually use it twice a week during my cleansing routine. I apply it on my T zone, which tends to get oily and my nose sometimes gets a little flaky. I rinse the gel off with lukewarm water and wipe it with a dry towel.

What I noticed after using it a few times is that it has a mattifying effect on the skin, it reduced the sebum on my T-zone, got rid of the flakes and left it really nice and smooth. When I was a teenager I used to get very flaky skin around my nose, which made applying any kind of foundation a true nightmare. With some peelings I used in the past to get rid of that problem, I noticed that they still left some flakiness on the skin, therefore not helping one bit. Another thing I learned is that when you exfoliate your skin, you shouldn't rub the peeling  into your face too agressively, which I used to do in the past, thinking that it will help get rid of every little flake. I didn't realize that doing that was way too abrasive for my face and didn't do much good in the long run.

Although my skin was left with a nice smooth finish, I still felt like I needed a bit of moisture, so I applied the Lavera Wild Rose moisturizer I wrote about here. It can be used on all types of skin and is a real bargain at 4,89€.

*Item kindly gifted to me for review purposes.

Have a lovely weekend,
N. xx

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

New: Real Techniques Sam's Picks Brush Set + GIVEAWAY!

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I came back from London on Thursday and I had a package from iHerb waiting for me. I finally received my beloved Real Techniques brushes I've been waiting for all February! It contains six brushes all together, a multi-task brush, a setting brush, a buffing brush, a pointed foundation brush, an essential crease brush (this set's exclusive) and finally a fine liner brush. I am most excited about the setting brush, which has been on my wishlist for absolute ages, the multi-task brush, which I'll be able to use for setting powder, bronzer, maybe even blush, and the crease brush, because I didn't have one until now and I've been getting more and more into eyeshadow, so this will make my life much easier. I'm not sure what I'll use the poited foundation brush for, maybe for under eye concealer or to apply one of my masks (we all know those can get pretty messy sometimes). I am currently using a liquid eyeliner by Bourjois, which comes with its own 'fine liner applicator' so I'll keep this one aside for the time being, but I'm sure it will be useful in the future. And lastly, this set contains one of the most famous RT brushes, the buffing brush. I already have their expert face brush, which I use every day for liquid or mineral foundation and has served me really, really well, so I don't really need another foundation brush. I'm pretty sure if I started using this one, the expert face brush would end up forgotten somewhere in my bathroom and I really don't want that, no matter how amazing the buffing brush is. I try to be as efficient as possible with my beauty products and that's why I decided to give it away to one of my readers. I'm sure the majority of my fellow beauty bloggers alredy have it, but I'm sure there are still girls out there who want to try it out. After watching countless YT videos and reading countless blog posts I can say this is one hell of a coveted make-up brush. If you want to receive it, all you have to do is this:

1. Answer the following question in the comments:

What is the most embarrasing or funny make-up or beauty related thing that has happened to you?

2. Leave your email in the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

3. You can like my Facebook page, or follow me on Bloglovin', Instagram and Twitter. (This is completely optional, but I will be very happy if you do. :))

The most embarrasing thing that has happened to me regarding beauty is probably when I was trying to comment on one of Jana's Instagram photos with her favourite figs (in Slovene, saying how much I love figs as well), and I somehow accidentally commented on another girl's photo of two Essie nail polishes. Her response was: 'Hello, I don't understand your language, but thank you! :)' You can imagine how weird it looked, a photo of Essie nail polishes and my comment in Slovene, saying: 'Awww, I love figs so much! :))' and the girl obviously though I was complementing her Essie polishes in another language. :D

The giveaway is open internationally until March 1st, I will choose the winner myself, send them an email and they will have 48 hours to write back. If I don't receive an answer, I will choose another person.

I look forward to reading your embarrasing stories! :)

N. xx

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Friday, February 21, 2014

London Haul

Hey guys! I got back from London yesterday and I have a little haul to show you. :) I really surprised myself, even if I had all these plans what I'm gonna buy, I ended up buying mostly for other people (gifts for friends and family) and very little for myself. I guess it's a good thing, because I came back with quite some money to spare, unlike my brother who spent all of his money before the last day. It was nice to see London again after so long, I also got to see some friends living there, who I haven't seen in a loooong time and it really made for two very lovely reunions. 

As far as shopping goes, it's not the most enjoyable thing to do when you have a little brother dragging himself behind you as if you're dragging him through the depths of hell, so I tried to keep it quick and efficient. I also have to mention Primark, I was looking forward to going there, because I haven't been there yet and it is so hyped up in the blogging community, but I was so overwhelmed with the crowd, everyone bumping into one another, rumaging through the products and clothes, people EVERYWHERE! If you know me, then you'll know if there's one thing I hate, it's overcrowded places. I just CANNOT DEAL with packed places, people bumping into me from every direction, not having even the slightest air to breathe, na-ah. So I left Primark really quickly, I didn't find anything that much interesting in the clothes section and even if I did, I probably wouldn't bother to stand in the abhorrently long queue for the fitting rooms.

I bought a pair of panties and a pack of travel friendly packaging for beauty stuff and a few bits for my friends, then we went to Forever 21, which I liked a lot better, because there was a normal amount of people there, again I didn't find anything that would sweep me off my feet in the clothes section, but I did find this gorgeous make up bag I've been drooling over ever since I saw it on Kate from Ghost Parties' blog. Or was it Nouvelle Daily? One or the other, I was so happy that I found the exact same one and it was the perfect size. 

I also visited a number of Boots stores and got a new drugstore foundation, the Max Factor Whipped Creme in Light Ivory (got the right shade, yay!). I only swatched it, haven't tried it out on my face, but I have a feeling it will be really nice, because my skin goes along very well with mousse foundations, or at least it did in the past. It blends out quite nicely as you can see on the quick swatch I did, but I'll have to use it on my face a few times to form a proper opinion. Then I bought a Batiste mini dry shampoo, because I've always wanted to try it and I'm a sucker for anything floral, a Rimmel Clear Complexion setting powder, because I loved the Stay Matte powder and I wanted to try something new, and finally a Rimmel Kate Moss Long Lasting lipstick in 107. The shade is soooo lovely, a darker-ish red with a hint of cherry. I'll do a separate post with swatches and everything.

So that is it for my humble London haul. Let me know if you like any of my purchases, or if you want any reviews on the beauty stuff! :)

N. xx

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Edit 1: Date Night Make-up Look

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Tomorrow's Valentine's Day! I usually don't celebrate it, but I got an idea for two special posts. One for all the taken ladies; an example of a date night look if you're heading somewhere with someone and one for all the single ladies, with a few ideas on how to treat yourself. :)

This is a simple look I put together using my new Sleek iDivine eyeshadow palette in Storm* (shades used shown in the photo below). Other products I used:

Vichy Aera Teint Pure foundation in 35 Moyen Sand
Rimmel Stay Matte setting powder
Catrice Retouch Light Reflecting concealer in Light Beige
Essence blush
MeMeMe Highlighter & Illuminizer in Pearl Pink*
Essence I <3 Extreme mascara
Bourjois Liner Pinceau liquid eyeliner
Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Celestial

P.S.: Thank you to for helping me create this make-up look! :)

*Items kindly gifted to me for review purposes.

Happy V-Day!
N. xx

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Lavera Wildrose Hydrating Day Cream

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Lavera Wilrose Hydrating Day Cream*

A few days ago, when the postman still delivered in the midst of ice and snow, I got a package from ecco-verde. Some of you have probably already seen what I got, because I posted a photo on my Instagram profile. I got two Lavera products, which I have never used before. I heard a lot of nice reviews and I'm always up for trying out something new. Plus, I've been trying to include more natural beauty and skincare items in my routine lately. If you haven't heard of Lavera before, it is a cruelty-free, natural cosmetics brand, present in the beauty industry for more than 25 years. They have a very strict policy regarding their ingredients, so everything natural, gluten-free, nothing synthetic.

This lovely Lavera moisturizer basically had me at wild rose and macademia. I love it when a product contains natural extracts, especially if they're herbs such as lavender, camomile, calendula, or flowers such as rose, for that matter. This moisturizer aldo contains almond, coconut, shea and cocoa oil, so you know your skin is getting the best stuff possible. It has a really lovely, simple scent and a nice texture. It's very creamy and you only need a small amount to cover your face, which is very practical, because this little buddy is seriously tiny at 30ml. I usually have oily to combination skin in the summer and as soon as it starts to get cold, my skin gets dry. This is where my moisturizers come in. I absolutely hate the feeling of stiff, dry skin, so I moisturize it every day. I used this product in the mornings and I saw that it leaves my skin really hydrated, which is evident even a couple of hours later (if I'm at home, without make up). As far as their 24 hour promise goes, I wouldn't bet on it, but it does feel like my skin is quenched for a good while. It might leave your face feeling a bit greasy, but it shouldn't be a problem if you don't exaggerate with the amount you apply to your face. In my experience, it sunk in quite quickly.

If you're a natural beauty lover or a beauty lover in general and you're looking for a nice moisturizer, I'd recommend this one. I didn't read any reviews before ordering it and I am very happy with it. You can get it for 10,89€ at and be sure to check out some other products in Lavera's wild rose line. 

P.S.: They also have a lavender line, I felt obligated to write this as a gigantic lavender lover. :)

*Item kindly gifted to me for review purposes.

Have a lovely evening,
N. xx

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

London Make-Up Wishlist

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Guess where I'm going next week? LONDON, baby! :) I'm taking my little brother, because he hasn't travelled anywhere yet and I thought: where would be better to start than London? This way I'll also have a chance to do some shopping and see some sights I didn't have the chance to see last time I was there. We're thinking of going to see Stonehenge, Harry Potter studios, the Sherlock Holmes museum, etc. I have a lot of fun ideas. :) I'll also be able to see some friends I haven't seen in a long time, so I'm super excited for that as well. :) 

I put together a little inspiration wishlist, I don't plan on buying all of this stuff, by the way. I'd really love to try out some brands I haven't had the chance to check out, like Benefit, Bobbi Brown, NARS and some MAC stuff. I probably won't go crazy over MAC lipsticks, because lipsticks aren't really something I need most right now (except that perfect plum shade I've been on the hunt for for ages). What I do need is a nice new bright pink blush, although I'd love to try out a cream blush as well. It pains me to see the prices of Benefit products, or the price of the Naked 3 palette. It has been on my wishlist since the moment it was released, I go absolutely bonkers for rose gold shades, but paying 50€ for an eyeshadow palette? It is really beautiful, but in my opinion ridiculously overpriced. I just got a lovely Sleek eyeshadow palette, which basically has all the shades I need and love to wear, so I'll probably abandon the thought of Naked 3 soon. 

I heard of the Strobe Cream by MAC on Shannon's YT channel and I really loved the glow it leaves on your skin. It was an old video of hers and I realized afterwards that MAC might not even sell this anymore, I didn't find it on their website at least. If anyone has any idea, let me know. :) I also heard a lot of good recommendations for the MAC Prolongwear concealer. I love my Catrice concealer, but these past few studying days have left me with sleepless nights and horrible under-eye bags in the mornings. I was yearning for a budge-proof super-coverage concealer, because nothing covered the annoying consecuence of sleepless nights.

And lastly, everyone here is really excited for the launch of Revlon's Colorburst matte and lacquer balms, I still haven't jumped on the chubby stick-esque lip product bandwagon ever since they became so popular and every make-up brand seems to have something along the lines of that, but the matte range really has some gorgeous dusky rose shades and I'm still on the lookout for my perfect plum shade!

Wow, I got a bit rambly, sorry about that. Anyways, if you have ANY recommendations about London, where to eat, where to shop, which brands to check out, what to see, just leave me a comment, I'll be super happy. :) I was really excited to hear that Tarte is coming to the UK, but I won't be able to check it out, since it arrives in March, when I'll already be long gone. 

I have a few interesting posts coming up, including a special Valentine's Day edit for both taken and single ladies (yay!), a haul and a giveaway (featuring our favourite brand of make-up brushes *wink, wink*), so stay tuned! :)

Hope you're all doing well,
N. xx
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