Friday, February 21, 2014

London Haul

Hey guys! I got back from London yesterday and I have a little haul to show you. :) I really surprised myself, even if I had all these plans what I'm gonna buy, I ended up buying mostly for other people (gifts for friends and family) and very little for myself. I guess it's a good thing, because I came back with quite some money to spare, unlike my brother who spent all of his money before the last day. It was nice to see London again after so long, I also got to see some friends living there, who I haven't seen in a loooong time and it really made for two very lovely reunions. 

As far as shopping goes, it's not the most enjoyable thing to do when you have a little brother dragging himself behind you as if you're dragging him through the depths of hell, so I tried to keep it quick and efficient. I also have to mention Primark, I was looking forward to going there, because I haven't been there yet and it is so hyped up in the blogging community, but I was so overwhelmed with the crowd, everyone bumping into one another, rumaging through the products and clothes, people EVERYWHERE! If you know me, then you'll know if there's one thing I hate, it's overcrowded places. I just CANNOT DEAL with packed places, people bumping into me from every direction, not having even the slightest air to breathe, na-ah. So I left Primark really quickly, I didn't find anything that much interesting in the clothes section and even if I did, I probably wouldn't bother to stand in the abhorrently long queue for the fitting rooms.

I bought a pair of panties and a pack of travel friendly packaging for beauty stuff and a few bits for my friends, then we went to Forever 21, which I liked a lot better, because there was a normal amount of people there, again I didn't find anything that would sweep me off my feet in the clothes section, but I did find this gorgeous make up bag I've been drooling over ever since I saw it on Kate from Ghost Parties' blog. Or was it Nouvelle Daily? One or the other, I was so happy that I found the exact same one and it was the perfect size. 

I also visited a number of Boots stores and got a new drugstore foundation, the Max Factor Whipped Creme in Light Ivory (got the right shade, yay!). I only swatched it, haven't tried it out on my face, but I have a feeling it will be really nice, because my skin goes along very well with mousse foundations, or at least it did in the past. It blends out quite nicely as you can see on the quick swatch I did, but I'll have to use it on my face a few times to form a proper opinion. Then I bought a Batiste mini dry shampoo, because I've always wanted to try it and I'm a sucker for anything floral, a Rimmel Clear Complexion setting powder, because I loved the Stay Matte powder and I wanted to try something new, and finally a Rimmel Kate Moss Long Lasting lipstick in 107. The shade is soooo lovely, a darker-ish red with a hint of cherry. I'll do a separate post with swatches and everything.

So that is it for my humble London haul. Let me know if you like any of my purchases, or if you want any reviews on the beauty stuff! :)

N. xx

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  1. meni grejo tud na živce prepolne trgovine, ko ne morš nič pogledat normalno >:[ pol pa ko še ljudje ne znajo hodit normalno, eh :D

  2. Oh men bi se v Primarku kar zmešalo od folka! :) xx

  3. Kate Moss šminko bi prav rada videla na ustnicah, tkole zgleda čudovita :) Pa make up torbica je ful lepa <3

    1. Bom naredila en post s swatchi. :) Jaa, res se mi dopade! :)

  4. same lepe stvari. :) batiste bi imela tudi jaaaz, pa ga pri nas ni za dobit. :(


  5. Mejkap beeeegič! Lovely :)!!


  6. V Primark mors it z izdelanim bojnim planom ;) in si res vzet cas, da vse pregledas. Ceprav mors imet sreco, ker vcasih najdes veeeliiikoo stvari, vcasih pa nic. Drugace pa sama nikoli se nic nisem probala tam v trgovini. Sem sla potem raje menjat :). Konec koncev je pa vazn, da si uzivala gor!

    1. Ja, sploh nism našla nič posebnega, kar se oblačil tiče. :/ Pa prvič sem slišala da ti tam dejansko dajo tudi refund, to je res kul. :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Primark je res madhouse. Meni se že po eni minuti mešati začne, ampak je pa tudi edina trgovina, kjer res ogromno (poceni) stvari za sebe najdem. :D Sem pa po tem, ko sem enkrat eno uro čakala v vrsti za garderobo, začela prakticirati metodo 'vrži v nakupovalno košarico, kupi in upaj, da ti bo vse prav'. XD

    1. To je pa res, prav nenormalno poceni je za London. Hehe, tak bom tudi jaz naslednjič, če bom kaj lepega našla. :P


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