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Review: l'Angelica Night Cream

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l'Angelica Naturcosmetics Night Cream*

It took me sooo long to write this, but I was determined to try this product thoroughly before sharing my thoughts on it, as it was my very first time using a night cream. I have never used one before, thinking I don't really need it, but I did notice a while ago I was waking up with a stiff feeling on my skin. That's why I decided to try and start using a night cream before bed, hoping it would do me some good. 

I already talked about the l'Angelica brand here, where I reviewed one of their anti-dandruff shampoos. The lovely people at also sent me this night cream from their Naturcosmetic line, which prides itself on 100% natural base with loads of natural extracts from organic farming. 
I only realized when I got it that this was actually an anti-age product. I still feel generally young at the age of 22, so I don't use anti-age products yet, but I didn't make a big deal out of it. Basically, this night cream comes in a 50ml tube, in green and white packaging (on par with the whole natural and organic concept). It contains bio macadamia oil and olive butter, lavender extract and zinc PCA, which protects collagen fibres. All in all, what a good night cream should have to enrich and renew your skin while keeping it young. It is appropriate for all skin types.

At first I didn't know what to expect, since I literally had zero experience with this type of product, but I noticed I woke up with very plump skin. It felt moisturized, quenched, very soft and smooth. I didn't notice my dark circles getting any better, as it promised in the instructions, but I was very happy with it overall. Its consistency is very thin, which means you only need a tiny pea-sized squeeze and you can apply it all over your face and neck. I like being efficient with my make up and skincare and I loved how little I needed every evening. It also has a very gentle scent, nothing too overwhelming or overpowering. It kinda reminds me of the iconic Nivea cream that comes in the blue pot, but in a more laid-back way, if this makes any sense.

To sum up, even if I didn't expect much at the beginning, I am very happy I got to try this out. It is a really nice moisturizing product for the price of 9,99€, which will last you a long time.

*Item kindly gifted to me for review purposes.

What is your favourite night cream? :)
N. xx


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  1. thanks for sharing
    sounds like a nice cream
    I love my Nuxe cream. It is perfect for my skin type.
    I also use their cleansing products.. it's really the best brand imo.


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