Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tunesday: The Black Keys

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I decided to start a new type of posts on my blog, dedicated to music. I realize many of you won't be interested in this as NITS is a beauty & lifestyle blog, but don't worry, I won't spam you with irrelevant and boring facts about artists, I just want to share some of my favourite bands and artists. :) For the first Tunesday ever I meant to feature my favourite band of all times - Arctic Monkeys, but I saw The Black Keys dropped a song off their new album Turn Blue, which comes out May 13th. The song is called Fever and I already love it. I guarantee my car radio will play this song a thousand times this week. That's how bonkers I go over songs I like. I also included some songs you can find on their earlier albums, El Camino and Brothers.

They're playing at InMusic festival in Zagreb this summer and I am totally going! I was there last year for the Arctic Monkeys gig (an evening before an exam) and it was amazing. :) Let me know if you're a fan of these two super talented guys!

N. xx



  1. Učeri sm si stokrt rekla, da morm it polsušat ta tanov komad, pa sem vedno pozabla. Tako da res hvala za to objavo. :) drugače pa tudi sama obožujem tako the Black Keys kot Arctic Monkeys.

    xx, Kaja

  2. Novega komada še nisem slišala (ga bom zdajle poslušala), so mi pa druge pesmi zelo všeč! :)


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