Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Origins Gin Zing Eye Cream

Origins GinZing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff

So here's a review I've been promising for the longest time. I have mentioned this product in probably almost every post I have written since December, so I'll tone it down now. Today I'll be praising the Origins GinZing eye cream. I got this last December for my birthday from my best friend Eda and her boyfriend and I have been loving it ever since. I got my eye on it, pun intended, after seeing it hyped up in numerous YouTube videos. I actually never thought I'd be using an eye cream before my 40th birthday, I always thought eye creams are only for older ladies with eye wrinkles. Which I totally will be someday, but right now I like to think I still have the ageing situation under control. I do, however, get dry and stiff skin on my under eye area. This particular part of your lovely face is very sensitive and you have to take proper care of it. When I was a teenager I used to rub cotton pads over my eyes like nobody's business. Lesson learned, now I only use soft tapping motions. 

This eye cream is part of their GinZing range and contains caffeine, ginseng, magnolia extracts and natural optic brighteners. If you look closely in the pot (I couldn't capture it in the photos) there's tiny specks of illuminating particles, which get noticed a lot when you apply it on your under eye area. The cream has a very nice consistency, not too thick, not too liquidy. It applies like a dream, simply glides on. I usually apply it on my eyelids as well, because I tend to get puffiness there in the mornings. I use it twice every day, in the mornings and before sleep. It is particularly nice in the mornings, because it has that zing to it, probably from the caffeine extract. You apply it and your eyes go WOOP! Awake instantly. :)

As far as puffines after crying goes I can say it does diminish it to some extent, but not instantly. I used it a few times when I woke up with puffy eyes either because I cried while watching a movie or a TV show at night (which happens a lot, huge cry baby over here!) or for some other reason. And concerning under eye bags, I didn't have a lot of problems with them these past months, so I can't say if it really gets rid of them. What I can say is that the illuminating particles are so brightening that any tiredness will certainly be less noticeable.

You can get it shipped to Slovenia from strawberry.net.

Do you use any eye creams or Origins products? :)
N. xx

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  1. I. Need. This. In. My. Life.


  2. Ohoho... super kremica! Jo imam tudi sama že precej časa na wishlisti, ker jo res tako hvalijo... bo treba sprobat. :D

    A si drugače že naročala iz strawberry.net? Meni ta stran precej sumljiva deluje... :)

    1. Nisem še, tole mi je prijateljica naročila za rojstni dan, ker se da Origins stvari očitno samo od dam k nam naročit. Približno en mesec je trajalo, drugače je blo pa vse v redu. Drugače je tudi meni malo čudna izgledala, ja. :D

  3. The texture sounds particularly inviting with this eye cream. I know it's a favourite of Alix from I Covet Thee. I really want to try the face cream version as well, it seems really invigorating and refreshing, while being nicely hydrating.

  4. Jaz imam kremo za obraz iz tele linije in mi je zelo všeč. Imam plan še tole za oči nabavit at some point. :D


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