Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Biotherm Skin Energetic Eye Cream

Biotherm Skin Energetic Eye Cream

When it comes to looking awake and refreshed, there are things that coffee just won't do. In the past few months I've been getting more and more into eye creams and energizing moisturizers, things I can include in my morning skincare routine. A new discovery is the brand Biotherm. I've tried their Biosource micellar water before and it was one of the best cleansing products I've ever tried. It took away all my make-up in a jiffy, it's not too expensive at approximately 20€ for a 200ml bottle and it has a lovely fresh scent.

Lately I've been having problems with dryness around my eyes. Particularly the right eye, for some reason. I noticed dry patches around my right eye that my beloved Origins GinZing eye cream just wouldn't fix. I was guessing it has a too light texture and I turned to the Biotherm Skin Energetic eye cream for remedy. It is an anti-fatigue eye cream that promises to reduce dark circles, bags and sagging eyelids. Now I don't have any problems with sagging eyelids (yet), but I do get the occasional under-eye bags. I turned to this eye cream particularly because of its thick consistency. I needed something extra rich to smoothe over the little lines and dryness around my eyes. In that aspect, this baby totally delivered. When I compared my eyes with or without the cream, the difference was noticeable - the fine lines around my eyes were less visible. I was also pretty happy with how it dealt with my main problem - the dry patches. It offered an instant soothing relief to the stiff tightness around my eyes. It also leaves a subtle sheen on the skin, not as strong and glitzy as the Origins eye cream, which contains tiny shimmer particles, but still visible enough to give the appearance of freshness and energy (and don't we all want that?). All in all, my eyes felt more relaxed and I can confidently say that I looked more awake after using it.

As far as diminishing dark circles under my eyes goes I rely solely on my concealers and correctors, because I've never found an eye cream that would actually help in that aspect. To be honest, I have little experience with eye creams, but all those I've tried promised to reduce the appearance of dark circles and didn't really deliver. The same thing goes for the Biotherm eye cream, I just didn't get the impression that my dark circles were less visible. I might have to use it more consistently to see if it reduces them in the long term, but I certainly haven't notice any instant result.

It comes in a practical, very sturdy 15ml tube, which is also very handy to carry around (and looks quite expensive if I might add). This cream is suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers, which I, as an avid contact lens wearer, just love! Not particularly kind to the bank balance at around 33€, but oh-so-worth-it.

What is your favourite eye-cream? :)

N. xx

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