Thursday, June 26, 2014

New: H&M Floral Swimsuit

I was looking for a new swimsuit the past week, because I'm going to Egypt next week with my family. The two bikinis I got from ASOS a year ago unfortunately don't suit me all that well anymore and I prefer having one or two swimsuits extra. I am always appalled at the complete mess of the swimwear wall in H&M and this time was no different, but my friend Gita helped me find the pair I was looking for and after trying them on, I decided to buy them. It was a little treat for a successful exam (which I thought would be mostly unsuccessful) plus I really needed a new swimsuit. If anyone else is looking for new swimwear, I suggest you check out ASOS, they're having their summer sale right now and you can get really cool pieces at really cool prices! :)

Lots of love,
N. xx



  1. aw, i saw this bikini yesterday on hm and i loved it, just perfect ;D
    love the colours

  2. You gonna look hawt, guurrrrlfrien!! <3


  3. Ooooo, kok luškane kopalke! Frill na spodnjem delu je sploh dobr!:)



  4. noro dobre - tako motiv, kot sam model kopalk! <3

  5. Zelo lepa kombinacija! :) Uživaj v Egiptu. ;)


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