Monday, July 21, 2014

A MAC Rebel Dupe

Remember the craze that surrounded the MAC Rebel lipstick? Yeah, it reached me as well. I didn't actually buy it, but I always admired it on a friend (holla at Živa!). I recently found a similar shade on Destination Pretty and, after checking out some swatches on YouTube, decided to buy it. The lipstick I'm talking about is the Wet'n'Wild Megalast Matte lipstick in the shade Sugar Plum Fairy. It is a gorgeous dark berry shade with a matte finish that lasts for a long time and doesn't feel drying on the lips. The best thing about it is the price, which is an absolute bargain at around 3€. The only downside is the packaging. The lipstick doesn't twist down all the way, which means that a part of it is still sticking out of the black packaging, and you have to be careful when you put the clear plastic cap over it. That's a bit of a bummer but if I can have my very own Rebel dupe for 3 euros, then I'm not complaining. Sandra has a lot of other shades of this lipstick range in her online store and I'll be sure to buy a few more in the future, they are well worth the money!

P.S.: Thanks to Živa for letting me borrow her Rebel lipstick. :) xx

N. xx


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturizer

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturizer*

Say hello to the wonderfulness that is the Vichy Aqualia Thermal light moisturizer! This review is long overdue, but I really wanted to take my time, try this product out thoroughly and see if it suits my skin or if it breaks me out. I was absolutelly thrilled when I got this in the mail, because I'm a huge fan of Vichy and I've been using their products for quite some time. 

The Aqualia Thermal line promises the so called dynamic moisture. Basically, our skin sometimes loses moisture only in certain parts of our face, and stays put in the others. The Vichy Aqualia Thermal range promises to deliver moisture to the entirety of your beautiful face. Besides (the obvious) thermal water, it contains three other moisturizing ingredients, one of them being hyaluronic acid, which contains water inside your skin and provides a longer feeling of moisturized skin. There's a light version for normal to combination skin and a rich version for dry or very dry skin.

I was lucky enough to receive the light version, since I don't really need rich, thick moisturizers once the winter is over and I was on the lookout for a very light, air-like day cream. I have to say I was really happy with this one, the texture of it is super airy and fluffy, kind of like a gel whipped cream, if that makes any sense at all. Something light was all my skin needed for that extra care during the day without a greasy feeling. I was very happy to see that it didn't break me out, which some moisturizers tend to do. I don't know, it's like my skin can't take the nourishing, it's just WATER, YO!? The scent is so gorgeous, I could spend all day sniffing the pot, seriously. I go crazy for gentle, powdery scents and this is just the loveliest scent ever. It reminds me of those expensive, luxurious creams I used to steal from my mum when I was a teenager (thank God my mom doesn't read my blog) and thus I feel like a rich girl as well. A rich girl with no money in the bank, lol. Thankfully you can get this feeling for just 20€ for a 50ml pot.

Oh, I almost forgot! I was really impressed by the packaging as well, the pot has a lid with a mirror on top! :) It's really convenient. I recently moved some of my skincare items from my bathroom to my nightstand, because it's sometimes easier to apply all my creams and stuff right before bed (yeah, I'm that lazy) and I can look at myself in the mirror on the lid while applying the cream, perfect!

There's also a lip balm and a eye roll-on in this range, which I'd love to try out as well. Have you tried the Aqualia Thermal range yet? :)

*Item kindly gifted to me for review purposes.

Lots of love,
N. xx

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: NARS Blush in Douceur

NARS Blush in Douceur

A while ago I only had one blush - my good old coral Essence blush. I can imagine Živa a.k.a. The Crazy Blusher Lady is probably gasping for air right now, but that's the truth. I'm nothing if not efficient and I was happy with one shade for a long time. But a few months ago I ventured into the magical world that is There's-other-blusher-shades-than-coral and treated myself to a NARS blush in the shade Douceur. Douceur is a blush with a tongue-twisting French name and a lovely natural bronzy taupe colour. I love it for the sheer fact that it suits my fair skin tone really well. I will never need a bronzer or a contour with this blush as it has all that packed in already. It is quite pigmented and stays on the cheeks for a good amount of time. I expected nothing less, to be honest. I first saw it on Jen's and Rebecca's channels and being the efficient and stingy person that I am (there was the possibility I might shed almost 30€ for a blush I'd end up hating, thus bawling my eyes out) I studied their reviews and swatches for ages until finally taking a leap of faith and splurging. This is my first NARS product and I got it at Look Fantastic. I already loved that website before, but now that I know they ship NARS to Slovenia? Lush! A week or two ago I also invested in a (more affordable) Sleek blush, which I will review soon. Let's keep the shade a secret for now. :)

What is your favourite blush shade?

N. xx


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The First Date Tag

Today I watched Barbara's 'The First Date' tag she invented and I found the questions really cool. Is there anything us girls love to talk about more than fashion, make up and boys? Here's a tag that has all these things wrapped together. :)

1. How long does it take you to get ready for a date?
I'm one of those people who like to take their time. A first date is an exciting thing and I want to make sure I feel confident and bring my A game. I usually get ready fairly quickly before going out with friends, but before a date I'd probably add an hour or two just to be safe.

2. What's your idea of a perfect first date? (Dinner, drinks, cinema, adventurous dates)
I am a huge cinefile and I love going to the cinema. I also really like guys who are into movies and TV shows, which is why I think going to the cinema would be the perfect first date for me. I'd go for drinks after as well, after all, first dates are there to get to know each other and what better way to do that than to spend the night talking. Especially after a mojito or two, when you get more comfortable and you shake off the first date shivers! :)

3. What would you gravitate more towards to wear on a date? (Jeans, trousers, skirt, dress)
The number one thing to have in mind when going on a first date is comfort. What's the point in wearing sexy heels and a sexy dress if you're constantly worried that you'll trip or that your dress is too short and showing all your good stuff? I like to make an effort and look good, show my personal style, but also feel comfortable, otherwise I can't relax and enjoy the company if I have trivial things such as a wardrobe malfunction on my mind. My advice: Wear an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in. And no heels! Unless you're one of those awesome ladies that put on a pair of heels and take the world by storm. In which case, lucky you. -.-

4. On the date of your choice what makeup would you wear? (Girl next door, smokey and sexy, bold lip, brights)
I think that would depend on the type of date, for an evening occasion I'd probably go for a smokey eye, I might even consider wearing bold lipstick, since I usually don't expect any smooching on a first date. Friendly advice -  if you plan on making out, DO NOT wear lipstick. My favourite make up look is a simple, laid-back smokey eye in natural colours, a winged eyeliner and a nice blush.

5. Your date says you have half an hour to be ready, what do you do?

I panic. Aren't I nervous enough as it is and now I have a meagre half an hour to get ready?! I had to get ready in a short amount of time for dates before and let me tell you - it wasn't pretty. I don't so well under pressure and having to hurry to get ready to meet a guy would just make me a billion times more nervous, which is not a good look for a first date.

6. Your date asks for the bill, do you ... (Offer to pay - with actual meaning to pay, make a fake fuss - with no intention of paying, expect him to pay straight away)? Do you go out with him again?
As far as first dates go, I do expect the guy to pay as it is kind of customary and I think guys (at least the good ones) always want to come off as gentlemen and treat you. In my experience, the guy has always paid the check on our first date, not even one would budge when I nagged to do it instead and I don't like making scenes and arguing about money in public so I usually give in. I wouldn't, however, rely on it indefinitely, I hate being the girl that never pays and if it's me who asks the guy on a date I will always insist to be the one to pay. I also think once you go through a couple of dates, you can interchange - once you pay, the next time your date pays, etc. So that it's fair and you don't feel like you're using him.

I can't think of a situation where I would be so put off regarding the check that I wouldn't want to go out with him again, there's usually other reasons like not feeling a real spark, etc.

7. It's time to say goodbye. You really like your date, do you ...
(Wave, hug, kiss on the cheek, peck, full on smooch)?

That depends, if I really like a guy and I can sense that he likes me too, then I would probably expect something, but I am always too nervous and shy for a real kiss even if the date went splendid. I'd probably go for a simple peck on the cheek, just to let him know that I really do fancy him. I think the best part of a relationship is the initial part - the butterflies in your stomach, getting to know each other, finding things you have in common, going on adventures, being spontaneous and there's nothing more beautiful than going slow and enjoying your time with one another. And don't even get me started on that tension building up before your first kiss...

Okay I might have drifted off here, so I'll leave it at that and tag some lovely ladies. :) xx

I tag:

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Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really
Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life
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Petra from Adjusting Beauty

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Light Reflecting Concealer: Catrice VS Make Up Factory

I recently ran out of my Catrice Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer and treated myself to something new, namely the Make Up Factory Light Reflecting Concealer. They are pretty similar, both have sleek silver packaging (the Catrice one being a twist-up pen, while the MUF one has a 'click' mechanism), both have the same name and promise to conceal under-eye bags while reflecting light and thus making your eyes look more awake. After finishing the Catrice one and trying out the MUF one I noticed the first one has more shimmer or light reflecting particles, if you will. I sometimes feel as if these can only emphasize my under-eye bags instead of bringing a healthy glow to the center of my face. There is no shimmer in the MUF one and I have to say I feel it is much more effective at concealing the tired green tones under my eyes. I have the shade 2 - Luminous Cream - (and I bought the Catrice one in shade 020) and I am very happy with it. The Catrice one did the job and was actually great at reflecting light and capturing brightness, but I always felt as if I should apply something with a bit more coverage underneath, as it didn't conceal the greenness as I hoped it would. I'd recommend the MUF one for coverage and the Catrice one for brightness. The main difference between these two concealers is the price. The first one retails for about 4€ and the second one for about 20. 

If you have any concealer recommendations, feel free to share them below! ;)

Have a great day,
N. xx

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Favourite You Tube Beauty Gurus

There's literally no better way to spend a relaxed, easy morning than with a cup of coffee, watching You Tube beauty gurus on my computer. Okay, there might be better ways to spend your mornings, but you know where I'm going with this. :) I have a lot of subscriptions (although still not as much as some of my friends - Živa, *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*) and I thought I'd share the ones I've been loving most recently. This is in no particular order, the majority are British, one Irish, some from down under and I have two Slovenian faves as well. 

First up is the absolute babe that is Barbara from The Persian Babe. This girl is not only gorgeous and smart, she also has a great fashion sense. Her channel is mainly filled with hauls, 'cuz this gurl be shoppin'! Anyone who watches her will know what I mean. :) Next is Shirley B. Eniang, a lovely girl with Nigerian roots. She is friends with Barbara and, like her, she's one smart cookie. A mathematician with class. Alix from I Covet Thee is an old favourite, I've been watching her videos since as long as I can remember. She is so beautiful and so lovely, she knows a lot about skincare, which is what I come back for again and again. Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup is a real peach! She has that relaxed attitude and always seems super sweet. I could watch her videos all day. 

Next are some gems from other corners of the world, first up is the New Zealander Shannon from Shaaanxo. She does make-up tutorials and man, she knows her stuff! She always looks flawless and isn't afraid to experiment with her looks. It's really fun seeing what she comes up with. Some of her looks aren't my cup of tea but I do admire her for her creativity. Then there's Lauren from Australia, a gorgeous girl with impeccable videos. I think I like her videos the most out of all, the setting is so pretty and chic, her make-up looks are really pretty and she has a funny attitude. Another Australian beaut is Karima from Shameless Fripperies. Oooh my god, this girl is so cute! Not to mention she has such a lovely attitude and seems really down to earth and kind. And her make-up looks are just gorgeous! Then there's an Irish girl called Tara from Tar Mar. She is my recent discovery and I adore her fashion style. She is part Irish, part Malaysian, and as a whole - so. darn. pretty. I could listen to that accent all day! 

Two more British babes! First up is Grace from Ugly Face of Beauty. She is my homegirl, y'all. This girl cracks me up. She has it all, natural beauty, great style, plus she gives great advice for people who are struggling with their image and self-esteem. This girl has been through some shit and it's nice to see her standing tall and proud. And how could I forget the adorable Suzie from Hello October? She is a lovely girl with a penchant for luxurious skincare and all things cool. I also really like her voice, it is so soothing in comparison to some American girls. 

Last, but not least, I wanted to mention two Slovenian youtubers, both English students, both beauty bloggers and both awesome ladies - Sandra from SBeauty101 and Živa from Nothin' Fancy Really. Sandra is also a make-up artist and an online shop owner (expect some reviews of my order on Destination Pretty soon) and Živa is an aspiring writer and Cosmopolitan journalist. Note to Živa: make more videos!

So, here are some of my YT faves. Feel free to share your most adored youtubers down below! :)

Hope you're doing good,
N. xx

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