Monday, July 21, 2014

A MAC Rebel Dupe

Remember the craze that surrounded the MAC Rebel lipstick? Yeah, it reached me as well. I didn't actually buy it, but I always admired it on a friend (holla at Živa!). I recently found a similar shade on Destination Pretty and, after checking out some swatches on YouTube, decided to buy it. The lipstick I'm talking about is the Wet'n'Wild Megalast Matte lipstick in the shade Sugar Plum Fairy. It is a gorgeous dark berry shade with a matte finish that lasts for a long time and doesn't feel drying on the lips. The best thing about it is the price, which is an absolute bargain at around 3€. The only downside is the packaging. The lipstick doesn't twist down all the way, which means that a part of it is still sticking out of the black packaging, and you have to be careful when you put the clear plastic cap over it. That's a bit of a bummer but if I can have my very own Rebel dupe for 3 euros, then I'm not complaining. Sandra has a lot of other shades of this lipstick range in her online store and I'll be sure to buy a few more in the future, they are well worth the money!

P.S.: Thanks to Živa for letting me borrow her Rebel lipstick. :) xx

N. xx



  1. Ful lep odtenek in zelo ti paše ;))

  2. Hvala za oceno Nina! Šminka ti res super paše. <3

  3. Waw, sedaj dodajam pa še ta odtenek na wishlisto :)

  4. fuul lepa barva, lepo ti paše! Mac je res zakon :))

  5. Zelo ti pristaja tale šminko.! (:

  6. This is such a beautiful color & it looks great on you because it really brings out your skin color. Love it!

    xx, Ada

  7. wow, that shade actually looks exactly like Mac's Rebel. thanks for saving me a ton of money! I already own two of WnW's matte lipsticks and I adore them.


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