Thursday, July 3, 2014

Light Reflecting Concealer: Catrice VS Make Up Factory

I recently ran out of my Catrice Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer and treated myself to something new, namely the Make Up Factory Light Reflecting Concealer. They are pretty similar, both have sleek silver packaging (the Catrice one being a twist-up pen, while the MUF one has a 'click' mechanism), both have the same name and promise to conceal under-eye bags while reflecting light and thus making your eyes look more awake. After finishing the Catrice one and trying out the MUF one I noticed the first one has more shimmer or light reflecting particles, if you will. I sometimes feel as if these can only emphasize my under-eye bags instead of bringing a healthy glow to the center of my face. There is no shimmer in the MUF one and I have to say I feel it is much more effective at concealing the tired green tones under my eyes. I have the shade 2 - Luminous Cream - (and I bought the Catrice one in shade 020) and I am very happy with it. The Catrice one did the job and was actually great at reflecting light and capturing brightness, but I always felt as if I should apply something with a bit more coverage underneath, as it didn't conceal the greenness as I hoped it would. I'd recommend the MUF one for coverage and the Catrice one for brightness. The main difference between these two concealers is the price. The first one retails for about 4€ and the second one for about 20. 

If you have any concealer recommendations, feel free to share them below! ;)

Have a great day,
N. xx

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  1. Such a lovely blog. Never tried this concealer yet, sounds great. Hope that you'll check my blog :)


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