Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Favourite You Tube Beauty Gurus

There's literally no better way to spend a relaxed, easy morning than with a cup of coffee, watching You Tube beauty gurus on my computer. Okay, there might be better ways to spend your mornings, but you know where I'm going with this. :) I have a lot of subscriptions (although still not as much as some of my friends - Živa, *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*) and I thought I'd share the ones I've been loving most recently. This is in no particular order, the majority are British, one Irish, some from down under and I have two Slovenian faves as well. 

First up is the absolute babe that is Barbara from The Persian Babe. This girl is not only gorgeous and smart, she also has a great fashion sense. Her channel is mainly filled with hauls, 'cuz this gurl be shoppin'! Anyone who watches her will know what I mean. :) Next is Shirley B. Eniang, a lovely girl with Nigerian roots. She is friends with Barbara and, like her, she's one smart cookie. A mathematician with class. Alix from I Covet Thee is an old favourite, I've been watching her videos since as long as I can remember. She is so beautiful and so lovely, she knows a lot about skincare, which is what I come back for again and again. Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup is a real peach! She has that relaxed attitude and always seems super sweet. I could watch her videos all day. 

Next are some gems from other corners of the world, first up is the New Zealander Shannon from Shaaanxo. She does make-up tutorials and man, she knows her stuff! She always looks flawless and isn't afraid to experiment with her looks. It's really fun seeing what she comes up with. Some of her looks aren't my cup of tea but I do admire her for her creativity. Then there's Lauren from Australia, a gorgeous girl with impeccable videos. I think I like her videos the most out of all, the setting is so pretty and chic, her make-up looks are really pretty and she has a funny attitude. Another Australian beaut is Karima from Shameless Fripperies. Oooh my god, this girl is so cute! Not to mention she has such a lovely attitude and seems really down to earth and kind. And her make-up looks are just gorgeous! Then there's an Irish girl called Tara from Tar Mar. She is my recent discovery and I adore her fashion style. She is part Irish, part Malaysian, and as a whole - so. darn. pretty. I could listen to that accent all day! 

Two more British babes! First up is Grace from Ugly Face of Beauty. She is my homegirl, y'all. This girl cracks me up. She has it all, natural beauty, great style, plus she gives great advice for people who are struggling with their image and self-esteem. This girl has been through some shit and it's nice to see her standing tall and proud. And how could I forget the adorable Suzie from Hello October? She is a lovely girl with a penchant for luxurious skincare and all things cool. I also really like her voice, it is so soothing in comparison to some American girls. 

Last, but not least, I wanted to mention two Slovenian youtubers, both English students, both beauty bloggers and both awesome ladies - Sandra from SBeauty101 and Živa from Nothin' Fancy Really. Sandra is also a make-up artist and an online shop owner (expect some reviews of my order on Destination Pretty soon) and Živa is an aspiring writer and Cosmopolitan journalist. Note to Živa: make more videos!

So, here are some of my YT faves. Feel free to share your most adored youtubers down below! :)

Hope you're doing good,
N. xx



  1. Aww, hvala Nina! Lepo se je vidit med tako super kopico. In ja, se strinjam s tvojim sporočilom za Živo. Živa, we want to watch you! :D

  2. My favorite within your list is Vivianna. Love her so much as she's down-to-earth & just overall lovely!

    xx, Ada


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