Sunday, August 3, 2014

5 Tips For Your Blog Sale

If you know about Depop, Tictail or (for Slovenes), then you probably know what a blog sale is. It's a great way to find a new home for your unused clothes and accessories and earning some money while you're at it. I've had mine for quite a while now and I thought I'd share a few tips with you today.

1. Make an effort with your photos. 
I cannot stress this enough: if you have nice, clear photos of your products, you will attract a larger amount of buyers. No one wants to look at dark, incoherent pictures of unattractive products. Make sure you take your photos in a large, airy and bright place, take advantage of natural daylight, it can do wonders for your photos. You can even use some props to liven it up a bit. 
Don't use photos from the website/store, your potential buyers want to see the actual stuff. You can always include a link to the product in the description box, especially if it includes photos of it on a model. I completely understand sometimes you don't want to take photos of yourself wearing the item, especially if you're selling something that no longer fits you. In that case, just remember to stress which photos are your own and which ones aren't. 

2. Include a lot of information.
Write down everything you can about the product. The size, the measurements, where you bought it, when you bought it, how much did you wear it, how to wash it, etc. It will help the buyers make a decision and it's always nice to be helpful and thorough.

3. Be there for your buyers.
Your buyers will sometimes want some extra information and you should be available for them. There's nothing worse than stumbling upon a beautiful fashion item and not getting a response for two weeks. If you neglect your blog sale, your buyers will think you're irresponsible and will get the idea they would get the same treatment when buying from you - hence no sales.

4. Dont be too steep with the prices.
I know, we all want to make an extra buck or two with our blog sales, but nevertheless, we're selling (mainly) used items and the prices should be appropriate. If I'm selling something I've worn only once or twice, I'll set the price at around 85% of its original price, if I've worn it more, I'll set it around 50%. If you're selling something unused, unopened, then I guess a 5 or 10 percent discount is appropriate.

5. Be kind.
When people on my blog sale buy two or more items at once, I usually send them a little gift as well. Sometimes, I'll add a little something to every order, just to say thank you. I also always include a handwritten note, saying thanks for their order. I think it's adds a nice, personal touch, instead of just chucking the item in an envelope and sending it off.

What are your thoughts on blog sales? I'd love to hear your opinions!

N. xx


  1. I never bought anything from a blog sale but I find it a great way for others to get some new wardrobe or makeup items without spending a lot of money.

    Ana Leote

  2. Super objava, še nikoli nisem probala kaj takega, ampak verjamem, da se splača ! :)


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