Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Revolution Eyeshadow Pigments

Revolution Make Up pigments in Dynamic, Affluent and Etiquette*
Photo by: Maša Pfeifer

I have to admit I have never used eyeshadow pigments before. I always stayed true to my regular eyeshadows, thinking pigments are way too messy to invest in. I recently had the chance, thanks to Lič, to try out the new Revolution Make Up eyeshadow pigments. They sent me three shades: Etiquette, Dynamic and Affluent. Etiquette is my favourite, it is the kind of shade I lean most to when creating my make up looks. It is a lovely natural, taupe-ish brown colour with a lot of shimmer. Dynamic is a more auburn red/orange kind of shade, which should work nice with an autumn make up look. Last but not least, Affluent is a pure gold shimmery shade, destined to bring out your inner goddess. I sounded a bit cheesy there but because I don't wear that much gold in my make up, I see it as a 'special occasion' type of eye shadow. 

As I already mentioned, I like Etiquette the most, these shades have my name written all over it. Overall I found they are pretty well pigmented and stay on for a long time. The pigmentation of these is beautiful, I was a bit sceptic and expected a lot of fallout and messiness, but it actually stayed put while I was applying it. I didn't even need to cover up my under eye area. Nevertheless they are somewhat messy to work with, when I tried to peel off the little piece of tape that covered the pot openings, I accidentally pulled out the whole plastic cover, spilling some of the pigment in the process. Putting this aside, I think they are a real bargain at 1,95€ per piece. Revolution Make Up got famous for their affordable prices and I think their products can be a hit or a miss. I would definitely recommend their pigments, because they are just so cheap and work wonderfully.  I am already on the lookout for some new shades, so far I like Levity, Virtuous, Supreme and Flighty.

Have you tried out any Revolution Make Up products? :)

*Products kindly gifted to me for review purposes.

N. xx

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  1. the colours are pretty amazing :) I really like it. And the price is good too :) But I think I wouldn´t use them really often.


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