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Review: Vichy Pro Idéalia Deep Corrector

Vichy Pro Idéalia Deep Corrector

Lately my skin has been behaving quite well. There were no breakouts or anything, but a few weeks ago it literally had a mind of its own, which resulted in a whole lot of frowning in front of the mirror and frantic concealer and corrector applications. Due to my skin being so fussy, I decided to try out a skincare product that would hopefully help me get rid of those marks blemishes sometimes leave behind. I am quite happy with my current foundation routine (L'Óreal True Match liquid foundation + Catrice Camuflage concealer) but why not speed the process and work on getting rid of marks from within as well? 

I was first introduced to this type of product by my mom, who uses one of Skeyndor's skin correctors. The Vichy Pro Idéalia Deep Corrector is a treatment used to erase acne marks, dark spots, age spots and sun freckles. It contains several antioxidant and depigmentation ingredients that work on dark spots in the dermis and slowly but surely diminish them. It is something in between a serum and a fluid and is appropriate for every type of skin. Keep in mind that dry skin needs an extra application of a day/night cream before this product. I used it as an evening moisturizer/night cream and applied it after my cleansing routine. I used it solely to try and reduce the marks left from breakouts and I saw an improvement very quickly. Some marks diminish quite quickly as it is, but there's some that stay put and won't leave no matter how much you beg and plead. The latter have always been the ones that bugged me out of my mind. I was really impressed to see such an improvement and it has quickly become a staple item in my skincare routine. 

The packaging is very cute, it comes in a lovely lilac/pink 30 ml bottle with silver detailing and has a pump for a super easy application. I usually used just one pump and applied it on the areas that contained dark spots. 

Moje slovenske bralke lahko ta izdelek kupite v DM trgovinah, lekarnah, na spletnih straneh ali

Do you have problems with blemish marks? :)

N. xx

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  1. Glad it worked! O like Vichy a lot but I haven't tried this yet. I had a lot of improvement from leftover marks with the use of Effaclar Duo + last spring! I rarely get breakouts, but the occasional evil one on my chin likes to leave a red mark on my chin so I always love to find products that help with that. Loved your review!

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