Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nina in the Spring x YMS Hair Salon

Last month I had the utmost pleasure of being treated at the YMS hair salon in Ljubljana. YMS or Young Mič Styling is a subsidiary of Mič Styling. It's signature is fun and quirky design and an array of handsome fellas who will do your hair and make you step out of their salon with a fab haircut and a Beyoncé attitude. 

My longtime hairdresser and buddy Matevž fixed up my blonde ombre by making it a bit more visible in the front. It was a long time since I've visited him and I hadn't even realised just how much my hair needed an upgrade. It was a gorgeous refreshment, not to mentious completely spontaneous. 

That's exactly what I like about Matevž and YMS - they're fresh and spontaneous, yet professional and chilled out. You can sit on a cosy sofa and read a magazine or two while you wait for your appointment, relax when they wash your hair (the best part!), listen to Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar beats while the boys do their magic. I love going there, not only because Matevž always treats me so well and makes me look like a million bucks, but also because of the affordable prices and relaxed atmosphere. 

If you're in the mood for a hair makeover, stop by the YMS salon at Igriška ulica 5 and thank me later! ;)

Have a fab week!
N. xx

Hair styling by: Matevž Treven
Photos by: Maša Pfeifer




  1. Oh to bi blo potem nekaj zame, ko pridem od frizerja se še en teden izogibam ogledalu... pa sem zamenjala že nekaj salonov.. :/

    1. To sem tudi jaz delala še v gimnaziji, ko sem hodila h kar enim frizerkam... Ko enkrat najdeš nekoga, ki ve kaj ti je všeč, oziroma te razume, se ga moraš kar držat. :) Jaz sem včasih vedno govorila da na blond se pa nikoli ne bom barvala, pa mi je Matevž enkrat naredil novo barvo z malce blond in je bilo super. :) xx


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