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Best of Slovene Design

Hey there! In the last few years a number of very talented designers and artists emerged in Slovenia and I wanted to share some of them on my blog. They are all very unique, talented, inspiring and offer some truly awesome products! Whether it's a notebook, a postcard, a print, a chair, or something to help you decorate your flat, there's something here for everyone. Check it out! :)


Woodieful is a brand by young Slovene designer  Klavdija Jarc, who made her debut on the industrial design scene with her product Stolžek, which can be a chair, a bedside table, a coffee table, a magazine holder and a bunch of other cool things! She offers several different colours and types of wood and has them made in Slovenia. I've never been particularly interested in Slovene furniture, but this thing is just adorable! If I could choose one, I'd get the dark brown spruce, but the beech one also looks extra fresh! :)

Read more about Woodieful here, check out her website here and follow her Facebook page here.


One of Klavdija's idols is Nika Zupanc, one of Slovenia's most successful and well-known interior designers, who even designed for Dior. Some of her signature pieces are the Black Cherry lamp, the Miss Dior chair, and the Golden chair. I personally love her style, the colour scheme she uses in her work, the usefullness and the aesthetic concept of her products.

Check out her website here and her Facebook here.


Helena Vedric does cute prints, holiday cards, postcards, jewellery, illustration and graphic design. She is most well-known for her Vsemu bom kos series (I can handle everything - the Slovene expression features the word kos that's a homonym of blackbird), which she produces in many colours, designs and in many variants. I gave one of her Vsemu bova kos prints to some friends that recently moved in together and I am currently a proud owner of one of her rainbow coloured Vsemu bom kos mini prints that hangs on my wall above my bed, reminding me every day to rise up to the opportunities the day has planned for me. :)

You can follow Helena on Facebook here and read her blog here.

- MIMI -

Miriam from Mimi is a designer that makes jewellery (I'm head over heels in love with the baby blue statement necklace you can see above), home decor pieces, fashion accessories, etc. She has her own brand and her own style and that's what I like most about Mimi. I'm dying to get one of her pastel coloured wooden spoons or wooden coasters for my morning coffee. So adorable!

Read an interview with Mimi here, follow her on Facebook here, check out her giveaway here and shop her awesome stuff here.


I fell in love with Nika's notebooks two years ago and anyone that knows me can tell you I'm a sucker for a pretty notebook. Nika designs her own prints, calendars, planners and notebooks with pretty pictures of romantic cities and vespas. Now, who wouldn't wanna have a pretty little thing like that in their handbag?

Check out her Facebook here, her Instagram here and her Tumblr here.


Pirate Piška is a brand run by Tjaša and she makes all kinds of cool stuff. From t-shirts, sweaters, make-your-own-backpacks, to stickers and badges! She incorporates a punkish/street vibe into her products and I'm always on the lookout for the next dope thing to wear! I'm currently on the lookout for one of her girl gang t-shirts, in pink of course!

Check out her Facebook page here, and her website/shop here.


Polona Pačnik is one of the most popular Slovene illustrators, she makes doodles for books, display windows and even coffee cups! She decorates coffee cups with doodles of famous people such as Sigmund Freud, Clint Eastwood, France Prešeren, Ivan Cankar, etc. and adds a humourous quote. I already bought one of her Sigmund cups for a friend, a psychology student (spot on!), and I'm sure I'll buy more. There's nothing like a nice cup of coffee and a funny quote to brighten up your day. :)

Read an interesting interview with Polona here, follow her page on Facebook here and check out her website here.


Quotelife is a pretty fresh brand on the Slovene market and it quickly found it's way into Ljubljana's concept stores. Quotelife started out with quotea, a cute way of adding inspirational quotes to, you guessed it, tea. But Quotelife is much more than that, they also offer inspirational prints, lovely planners, to-do lists (which have my name written all over them), cards, and even typography decoration made from plexyglas!

Check out their awesome stuff on Facebook here.


Last, but most definitely not least, is Teja Ideja. Teja is a graphic designer that makes a beautiful array of products, from notebooks, prints, postcards, Turkish coffee pots and adorable mugs with super cute carnations. She makes lovely graphic postcards of many Slovene towns, which are just a treat to send to your family abroad.

Check out her website here and her Facebook here.

Who are some of your favourite Slovenian designers? :)

P.S.: All photos belong to their respective owners and were found on their Facebook pages. Thank you!

N. xx

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  1. Najin "Vsemu bova kos" nama ful dobr služi! :) Hvalaa <3 Drgač pa ris kul stvari, sploh une Nikine in pa una modra statement ogrlica od Mimi. I like!


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