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Review: Mirati Body Wash & Face Wash + surprise code!

Mirati is an up-and-coming natural cosmetics brand developed in Slovenia. They offer great moisturizing products, all made out of carefully chosen natural ingredients. This post is a review of their face wash and their body wash, which I've been using for the past month. Check out my thoughts below!

Why do I use their products?

Every winter my skin gets extra dry and needs a little pick-me-up and a bit of time to recover, which is why I turn to moisturizing products at the start of spring. Mirati products are specifically developed and defined to moisturize and are thus perfect for dry skin. I noticed not only the winter cold hurt and dried out my skin but I also ended up with dry and itchy skin when I came out of the shower, possibly due to using products that were too aggressive for me. Itchy skin after showering can be caused by using products that include SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which I noticed in quite a few of my old shower gels. I decided to switch things up and turn to more natural products, namely Mirati. Besides offering moisture, the Mirati face and body wash also contain lemon essential oil, which is a nice addition for the summer, when I always turn into a real sweaty Betty and need some more refreshment

How do the face and body washes work?

The Mirati FACE WASH is a cleansing gel, destined to wash the daily yuckiness off your face. Among its ingredients you will find aloe vera and lemon essential oil. It has a unique texture, sort of jelly-like and it covers your skin with a thin layer of film upon application, hydrating and moisturizing it. The lemon essential oil provides a sense of freshness, which makes this product perfect for summer. Every summer I have to deal with oily skin and feverish sensations, so I really need a product such as this to mattify my skin and refresh my face in the summer heat. It comes in a 150ml environmentally friendly tube with a bag inside it, which squeezes more product out of it, so that leftover product doesn't stay inside the tube, similar to REN. This is a brilliant feature if you're like me and never remember or just can't be bothered to cut your tubes in half and scrape out the leftover product when you finish it.

The Mirati BODY WASH has a similar texture, ingredients and effect as the face wash. Its main ingredients are also aloe vera and lemon essential oil. Its texture is similar to the face wash, namely jelly-like. It comes in a 250ml environmentally friendly plastic bottle and it doesn't dry my skin out as some other body washes tend to do, especially during winter when my skin is even more sensitive and dries out quite quickly. It feels very moisturizing and nourishing on the skin and is a wonderful choice for morning showers, because it leaves me feeling revitalized, refreshed and awake. And boy, do I need a little bit of that in the mornings! 

What do I have to say about it?

I've been using these two products for two weeks now, the body wash everytime I showered and the face wash almost every day and I noticed my skin is no longer as tight and dry as it was during the first months of this year, following winter. The reason why I love these two products and I think they are perfect even for the summer is that they can both be (due to the lemon essential oil) a much needed refreshment in the hot months to come and it seems they both have some quality properties that work for my skin. Mirati's main mission is to provide moisturizing products for people with dry skin and I say they deliver

What is Mirati anyway?

Mirati is a brand new cosmetic line, developed in Slovenia. It is a natural brand and contains only natural ingredients. Some of them include clarified ghee butter, shea butter, honeysuckle, orange and lemon essential oil, aloe vera, etc. The belle of the ball is certainly 100% clarified ghee butter. I know, you probably haven't heard of ghee being used in cosmetics, just as I haven't previously, so let me explain the jist of it. Ghee is made by heating your average stick of butter, which then turns liquid and separates into water, butter and solids (such as lactose). By centrifuging, skimming and evaporating, water and solids are removed, and what is left is clarified ghee butter. The majority of cosmetic products are based on creams, whereas Mirati cosmetics are the first to develop skincare products based on ghee butter, which provide only the optimal moisturizing effect, without the unneccessary additives. 

What makes their products so good?

Mirati products do not contain parabens, phthalates, foaming agents, SLSs or synthetic fragrances. Instead of parabens, Mirati uses the unique bacteriostatic quality of ghee, which doesn't allow bacteria to grow and is thus a perfect substitute for parabens, which are harmful to your health. Mirati products also contain several essential oils such as honeysuckle, orange and lemon to provide a pleasant scent without using dangerous synthetic fragrances. They don't contain potentially harmful SLS synthetic foaming agents but rather a combination of coconut extract and glucoside.

Mirati's range includes:

a hand cream, a day cream, a night cream, a body lotion, a face wash, and a body wash.

Where to buy?

You can buy their products on and in several online shops around Slovenia. Show them some love on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. (links)

P.S.: I have a special surprise for all my readers! Mirati is offering a special discount code, with which you get a FREE face wash every time you purchase one of their day creams. That way you can have a lovely little team to take care of your face. :) The code is NINAMIRATI11, it is valid worldwide until July 18th , use it and abuse it!

Sending love,
N. xx

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